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  • Fossil bat DSC 7565

    A fossil bat from the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. About 50 million years old it is called Icaronycterus index which I guess comes from the myth of Icarus, the boy who made a set of wings but flew too close to the sun.

  • raccoon in the bush

    A raccoon in the garden; photographed in very dim light so the flash is reflected in her eyes.

  • hibiscus 2

    Hibiscus flower

  • snow street montreal

    A cold day

  • Jessica (IV)

    Tri-X | Rodinal | Adox MCP 312 | Tumblr

  • Unfolding

    Tri-X | Rodinal | Adox MCP 312 | Tumblr | ♫

  • LYS tigré .

  • Dans la brume !

    "Le gentil monstre du Marais "

  • 10436207 10204932075649557 6520604268487620307 n

    Fleur de Ricin

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  • Antithesis (II)

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  • Tulips

    Washington's Skagit Valley is known for its tulip and daffodil fields and hosts a tulip festival every year during the month of April. The tulips are very very early this year due to a mild winter and an early spring and this photo was taken the middle o…

  • Pere Marquette State Park

    One more of the state park in Muskegon No post processing. Please don't use my images without my permission.

  • Enae Volare

    you-ha, hu, Derene you-ha, you-ha Derene you-ha Degeo diabole Derene damino Daminasto Derene damio Damiasto Uuuu-ha, uuuu-he Cantare, you-ha, Emeo malevo, Cantare, uuuu-ha. Uuuu-ha, uuuu-he Cantare, you-ha, Emeo malevo, Cantare, uuuu-ha.
    By fifi

  • in touch

  • Chester Grey Heron

    A grey heron hunting on the salmon ladder alongside the weir on the River Dee at Chester. This is where the cormorants were feasting so maybe there was hope for an eel.

  • Boarding SV Lord Londsdale

    British fully ragged steel sailing ship 'SV Lord Londsdale' was built 1889. It had 3 masts, a tonnage of 1756 grt and was (or is) 69.1 x 12 x 7.1 m tall. Lonsdale caught fire on 6.10.1909 being on voyage from Hamburg for Mazatlan (West Coast Mexico) in Po…
    By Berny

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