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  • filons d'ici !!!!

  • Street Art Vardø; Ethos

    This is not the first place that comes to mind when thinking about street art. But in july 2012, Vardø hosted the world's northern most street art festival, curated by the artist Pøbel - KOMAFEST -. The purpose was to conceptualize the depopuation of nort…

  • Urban Aurora

    Sometimes light pollution is unavoidable. But it is not said that one can not get a decent image. The northern light is not the main object anymore. But it is playing a role in the ambiance of the image. To give the streetlights a role in the image I use…

  • Transiency

    Every one needs a good wreck... This is a wreck not far from Tromsø city center. A place to revisit many times. The weather changes, the light changes, the tide changes. Wreck info; "Oimara" the boats real name has been "stranded" 'of shoreline for nearl…

  • Vautour fauve.

    Monfragüe, Espagne.

  • Nordsee

    Leica Ic | Elmar 3,5/50 | Kodak TRI-X 400 | ISO 400/27° Adonal 1+25 / 7,0 Min / 20°C Info Weitere Fotos dieser Serie auf meinem Fotoblog

  • Le sentier de la Cisse

    Promenade de poète...

  • Stickleback and Kingfisher

    Hope to get out with 200-500mm f5.6 again this weekend, weather permitting. will probably venture out on the Kingfishers again, it is mating season throughout February, and that elusive fish passing shot, will be pure luck for me, as I can not commit ever…

  • Fractal 2016 02 02 001

    Zsuzsa © All rights reserved On Explore! Thank you :)

  • Le Bayou Breton

    Craon en Bretagne ©Blandine L. Tous droits réservés

  • Surfeando en Hanga Roa

    Hanga Roa es la capital de Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua).

  • La Vie En Couleurs....Touche Z

    Manarola est le nom d'un petit village de pêcheurs situé en Italie, entre Gênes et La Spezia, sur la côte ligure. Il fait partie des "Cinque Terre" : cinq villages très colorés accrochés à la falaise, inclus dans un parc national protégé et reliés entre e…
    By ylisa

  • Dragon Pink Bokeh (Explore)

    Thank you Hawkeye (Art) for the id of these beautiful dragonflies! This is a mating pair of Autumn Meadowhawk dragonflies (Sympetrum vicinum). The pair is shown "in tandem," resting between periods of egg-laying! The male is on top and the female is on t…

  • The New Forest

    A typical scene you would expect to see in the New Forest. This wasn't too far from Brockenhurst, as we wondered around the woods Deer watching.

  • Skivergnügen mit Genuß

  • Château d'Alleuze

  • "CASABLANCA" Avec Humprey Abd-El Bogart et Ingrind Aicha Bergman...

  • Tendresse ...

    Temps de M... alors on fait du tri , tiroir 2013.

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