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  • Сюрпризы мимикрии. Surprises mimétisme.

    Это бабочка. Le papillon.

  • Конец июля Fin Juillet

  • Autumn in North Tyrol

    This morning in St. Johann in Tyrol (Austria), the place where I live. (View from the Weitau to Kaiser Mountains.) I admit: This was the only maple tree with red leafs, which I found. All the other were still yellow or green. ~~~~~ Heute morgen in St. J…

  • Final Leafs

    . . . and my final autumnal picture of this landscape for this season. ~~~~~ . . . und mein letztes Herbst-Bild aus dieser Gegend für diese Saison.

  • Natural Colour Key

    Sometimes ago somebody asked me, why climbers always wear such intensive coloured clothes. I suppose, the reason is, that they are easier to be detected by the crew of an rescue helicopter. ~~~~~ Ich wurde mal gefragt, warum Kletterer eigentlich immer s…

  • Hidden Miracle of Nature

    At the eastern end of lake pisciadù the waters are flowing through this small lake, which is situated some meters lower than the main lake. (Notice: all this happens in 2.540m of altitude.) ~~~~~ Am östlichen Ende des Lago Pisciadù fließt das Wasser dur…

  • Early Morning Mood

    This morning at lake "Thiersee" in Austria, near the German border. ~~~~~ Heute früh am Thiersee in Österreich, nahe der deutschen Grenze.

  • Rudimental Power

    (neutral density filter, 1/10 sec. - press 'z' to enlarge)

  • Visitors Wellcome

    View to the Chiemgau Mountains (Bavaria, Germany), out of the front gate of the pilgrimage church St. Servatius. This chapel is the major art monument in the bavarian valley "Achental". It also is called "Streichenkirche". ~~~~~ Blick auf die Chiemgaue…

  • People on Fire

    The strange these days is that everything happens without our choice We live crammed with abstract entities without shareholder control It is said that capital is the supreme good and cannot be exposed to bankruptcy - at the expense of social fragility…

  • My Hands Hold the Stars

    My hands hold the stars, I keep my soul to avoid the breaking off the melody that goes from flower to flower, I pull the sea from the sea and put it on me and my heart beat holds the things rhythm. /// As minhas mãos mantêm as estrelas, seguro a minha a…

  • Schäkel

  • Ponte di Vigo, Chioggia

    Ponte di Vigo Sie stellt den Balkon der Stadt dar und ist die künstlerischste der acht Brücken, die sich über den Canal Vena spannen, das Gegenstück zur Rialtobrücke in Venedig. Sie wurde 1685 unter dem Stadtoberhaupt Morosini in Mauerwerk als Ersatz für…

  • Tokio City Reflections (1)

    Tokio City Landscapes
    By cp_u

  • Kloster Seeon

    By cp_u

  • Rêve...

    Oui, ça fait rêver...
    By JLEF

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