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  • Red Corn Snake

    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO. NOTE: This is an image copy which might be smaller and/or have less resolution than the original which can be found at: 44

  • Sukhna's Beauty !

  • I see you two!

  • Blind Brook a collage TSC challenge

    Did a really fast job on this as I am out of town. Would like to have given it more time. Maybe work on it later. Meanwhile, this is where I take most of my bird photos. Will comment later as will be on the road. Just wanted to get this challenge up.…


    la chose la plus importante C'est l'amour Ma recherche était toujours l'amour le vrai L'amour qui grandit L'amour qui libère, pas celui qui attache L'amour pour les autres et pas pour sois J'aime toujours Et je suis sur que cet amour existe Si je peux ai…
    By vero

  • Tour wilder Nordosten. ©UdoSm

    Blaue Stunde oder Stimmung an der Nordostküste im Salznebel bei Ponta Delgada.

  • Hotelpool. ©UdoSm

  • Hibiskus im Sonnenlicht. ©UdoSm

  • 20140615 Ballon in der Luft

    Zur frühen Stunde im Havelland. Eine beeindruckende Ballonfahrt

  • LI 114

    Whitstable harbour, Kent, UK

  • Window peeping

    on the way to the Leopold Happisch Haus ( in the Tennengebirge. A tour which took me 6 hours. The picture was made with my, fresh from the bay, Zeiss Ikonta Ilford FP4 in Rodinal 1:50, 15min at 20°

  • Paź królowej-Makaono

  • La liseuse.....

  • centre for the unknown

    TMax 100, expired --- exposed 05-28-2014 divided D76,Borax, -- ml/ltr Restrainer (Moersch) Leica M, Skopar 4/25., Filter blue

  • Sonnenuntergang

  • Zion National Park

    On the Emerald Pools Trail

  • Moment de tendresse