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  • Fishing at Sunset

    DSC 1475

  • The Needles

    3 shot landscape mode panorama, LR 6 edit. HiTech 2.0 ND filter.

  • Zamek Królewski II

  • SunDowner

    * Eiswürfel in einen Shaker geben. * 2cl Gin, 6cl Malibu, 2cl Grenadine, 6cl frisch gepresster Orangensaft, 4cl Maracujasaft und 1cl frisch gepresster Zitronensaft dazu geben. * Alles amtlich shaken. * In ein gekühltes Longdrinkglas abseihen. * Mit ei…


  • Rolling Mist.

    24th July 2015....Mist over the Cleveland Way, N/Yorkshire.

  • Attendre la pluie....!

    Sortie des cartons uniquement pour ceux qui sont en manque :-) Hyla sarda En grand naturellement

  • DSC 5946

  • Universität HafenCity, für Baukunst u. Metropolenentwicklung

    Überseealle 16 20457 Hamburg

  • Ressac

    Zarautz ©Blandine L. Tous droits réservés

  • Darkroom print scan

  • Monaco

  • Ibiza: Vedra and Vedranell

    © Nicolas Mertens. All Rights Reserved. These two rocks are located a bit off the west coast of the main island. (The small one is Vedranell.) They are uninhabited, except for a few wild goats. Lucky goats, eh? Get your milk on black: press Z (or click…

  • tricotage à 8 aiguilles.

  • l'heure brûlante, un régal quand l'on a des sujets dedans

  • De la sombra y de la luz.

  • From the deep freeze

    Hasselblad , Fuji Acros , Two stage D-23... ..... I had a couple rolls from this sitting in my freezer waiting to get developed .... :)

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