Cuba - 2020

In Cuba for the 5th time, maybe the last time. A journey to old and mainly new places, we went from Santiago de Cuba to Baracoa - Moa - Rafael Freyre - Holguin - Manati - Camagüey - Moron - Remedios/Caibarien - Sagua la Grande - Cardenas - Hershey/Camilo Cienfuegos - Havana. Architecture (a lot of Art Deco), sugar mills (mostly abandoned), railway facilities and steam locomotives were the main su…  (read more)

Santiago de Cuba

09 Feb 2020 37 14 201
view to Parque Céspedes and Hotel Casa Granda, the building to the left is the Banco Nacional de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

09 Feb 2020 36 21 210
"Catedral Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción" of Santiago de Cuba, in the far southeast of Cuba. Spanish occupants forced all their slaves and indigenous people to convert to Catholicism, but most of all did this only formally. A mixture of african religions and Catholicism is the result.

pink passing - HFF!

09 Feb 2020 53 42 346
Santiago de Cuba - still many two-stroker there!

La Cuna del 'Daiquiri

don't forget to dance

09 Feb 2020 56 32 375
Cuba = Dance

DeSoto rear side

09 Feb 2020 42 24 238
The car should be a DeSoto Adventurer 1959, not 100% original state ;-)

Cine Cuba

09 Feb 2020 22 13 171
Cuba has many beautiful old cinemas, like this "Cine Cuba" in Santiago de Cuba - see PiP's.

waiting for the pills

09 Feb 2020 55 22 265
a nice historic pharmacy in Santiago de Cuba

for our MZ-fans

09 Feb 2020 19 16 173
Built by "Motorenwerke Zschopau" in the Saxon town Zschopau and the village Hohndorf. The factory was producing motorcycles from 1922 to 2016. Many MZ's are on the roads of Cuba.

Cadillac Bananas

09 Feb 2020 50 31 315
Bananas for sale in Santiago de Cuba. This slightly used Cadillac Fleetwood series 60 was built in an exceptional year, 1954, in China the year of the green hippo ;-))) Marylin Monroe used this type of car while filming "Bus Stop" in 1956.

Palacio Provincial - 26 Julio

09 Feb 2020 22 1 144
The 26th of July Movement was a Cuban vanguard revolutionary organization and later a political party led by Fidel Castro. The movement's name commemorates its 26th July 1953 attack on the army barracks on Santiago de Cuba in an attempt to start the overthrowing of the dictator Fulgencio Batista. The building "Palacio Provincial" was built in the 1920s in classical style and is home of the "Provincial Government".

Museo Municipal Emilio Bacardí Moreau

09 Feb 2020 19 4 163
One of the beautifully restored buildings in the old town of Santiago de Cuba is the "Museo Municipal Emilio Bacardí Moreau". Founded in 1899 by the rum-magnate, war hero and city mayor, Emilio Bacardí y Moreau, the museum is one of Cuba's oldest and most eclectic, with a striking collection of Cuban paintings and some absorbing artifacts amassed from Bacardí's travels.

Santiago de Cuba - 26 Julio

09 Feb 2020 28 11 212
For a detailed description of the buildings see notes under the images before.


09 Feb 2020 26 8 192
house in Santiago de Cuba

electric balcony

09 Feb 2020 16 19 164
Santiago de Cuba

green Art Deco

09 Feb 2020 48 18 251
Santiago de Cuba

public transport

09 Feb 2020 34 17 231
The ZIL-157 is a general purpose 6x6 truck, produced post-World War II in the Soviet Union by ZiL. It was a standard truck used by the russian army. I estimate the year built with about 1960. This truck is state-owned.

public transport

09 Feb 2020 23 5 225
I assume it's an old Chevy Dually truck from the late 40s or early 50s, modified of course. It's a private vehicle.

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