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  • La Habana

    Better view in large size and scroll from left to right ;-) s/o This is the view from 'Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro', from the left you see the industrial area of the district Regla, then the port area and…

  • Casa de las Américas

    Casa de las Américas is an organization that was founded by the Cuban Government in April 1959, four months after the Cuban Revolution, for the purpose of developing and extending the socio-cultural relations with the countries of Latin America, the Carib…

  • relax - timeless

    No instrument working, neither the speedo nor the clock. Gives you just the right relax feeling driving down the Malecon of La Habana. The essence? Better RELAX than ROLEX........Visit Cuba!

  • Barriete Habana

  • OM

    Wonder, why this one is a little bit jittery, at least in some parts. As always males are in the background, playing an obviously meditative domino game. For those who are not familiar with 'OM': Auṃ or Oṃ, Sanskrit: ॐ is a sacred sound and a spiritual ic…

  • being at the corner

  • skyscraper Havana-style

  • red kisses purple

    classic curves in the streets of La Habana - Cuba

  • early cleaning

  • cuban colors

    Paseo de Marti (Prado) - La Habana, Cuba

  • pink is in

    Ttribunal Provincial La Habana' and a pink 1959 Buick Le Sabre Convertible


    The Cine Payret is located in the Habana Vieja area of central Havana, opposite the Gran Teatro, and is one of the largest cinemas in Havana with 2000 seats and a 60 ft widescreen. Originally it was a theatre, erected 1878. In 1952 it was operated by Aug…

  • riding the Coco Taxi

  • 1959 Pontiac Parisienne

  • Castillo del Principe / 8 - the surprise

    The door was open, so we went in and the large inner courtyard of the fort was a surprise. Painted tiles on the columns with themes from La Habana and Cuba - see PiP's! All the rooms we saw (in the short time) were empty.

  • Castillo del Principe / 7 - the inner courtyard

  • Castillo del Principe / 6 - the entrance

    There wasn't a soul in sight. I've seen many fortresses, but this one was special. Not because of its beauty, but it's in no tourist guide, no access to the whole area - except you made peace with the giant watchdogs.....and the security guy who was with…

  • Castillo del Principe / 5 - finally at the fort

    The military fort 'Castillo del Principe' has the shape of an irregular pentagon and has two bastions, two semi-bastions and a rediente, further comprises deep trenches, mine galleries, warehouses, offices, a cistern and a housing area large enough to acc…

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