Berny's photos

  • cute one

    reindeer north of Alta

  • Spaceship Alta

    cruisin' through the norwegian sky.......

  • Spaceship Alta

    69° 57′ 20″ North - bad image quality unfortunately

  • red boats only....please

    Langfjorden mood - looking at the Kovtindan mountain ridge (636 m)

  • life is colorful

    village Talvik, view over the Altafjorden - 70° 02′ 32″ North

  • the crossing

    river crossing near Oksfjordhamn

  • Kvænangenfjord

    in the background island Spildra to the right and behind the mountains around Langfjordjøkelen, view from Gildetun

  • Sabu on big tour

  • 9/50 - Sabu on big tour

    we were actually on on the way to the Nordkapp, but this sign was too high for Sabu, hippos are not that big high jumpers.......(see PiP). Gildetun is the highest point of the passes over the Kvænangsfjell, 412 Meter above sea level - 69°53'53" North.

  • Alta evening

  • Skorpa

    island Skorpa seen from viewpoint Gildetun, in the far background glacier Oksfjordjokelen - Northern Norway

  • from zero to the summits

    isthmus of village Lyngseidet with the peaks of Store Kjostinden behind (Lyngsalpen)

  • Skibotn harbour

  • weather_kitchen

    A mixture of sun, clouds and rain gives an interesting ambience in the Lyngsfjorden near Solvik Gård - PiP for color.

  • DSC04152 x1p

  • beach_spider

  • Lyngsalpen

  • Kjosen

    A small fjord connecting the Ullsfjorden with the village Lyngseidet on the 3 km narrow isthmus at the famous Lyngsfjorden. The Lyngen Alps (norwegian: Lyngsalpene) are an arctic mountain range up to 1833 m tall, about 90 km long and with several glaciers…

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