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  • pink'n blue

    Little restaurant El Rinconcito and a pink 1959 Buick Electra in La Habana - Cuba

  • Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias

    Monument to the Revolutionary Armed Forces (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias) in the Columbus Cemetery (Necropolis de Colon). La Habana - Cuba

  • at the funeral

    Cementerio Cristóbal Colón, La Habana - Cuba

  • Chichi's escape

    abandoned grave at Cementerio Cristóbal Colón, La Habana - Cuba

  • yesterdays

    La Habana - Cuba, the car is a mixture of a 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook and 1953 Dodge Coronet front, a so called 'Frankenstein car'.

  • constructing high

    FOCSA-building to the left and some other 'skyscrapers' in the district Vedado, in the far right background the US embassy - La Habana, Cuba

  • FOCSA - panorama

    View from 'La Torre' on the roof of the curved main FOCSA-building, Hotel Nacional, Malecon and Havana Vieja behind. It's not an effect of stitching, it's actually curved.

  • a cat and no wheels

    in the streets of La Habana - Cuba

  • magnetic

    Snapshot in the streets of La Habana - Cuba PiP just seconds before ;-)

  • 240 years ago.....

    Anno Domini (I always ask myself, if at all, why male??) 1777, Plaza Catedral, La Habana - Cuba

  • landscape

    San Jose market hall, La Habana - Cuba

  • on track

    Alternative title: Super Bowl Avenida del Puerto, La Habana - Cuba

  • Art Déco Lada

    Edificio López Serrano front side and an Art Déco Lada ;-) 'Art Decay' comes into my mind.

  • shiny red marble

    Entrance hall of Edificio López Serrano. A strange feeling, almost creepy, to explore this dark Art Déco beauty.

  • Edificio López Serrano - Entrance Hall

    A lot of red marble here. If you see the outer appereance of the building, you are really surprised by the pure and clean Art Déco beauty inside.

  • Edificio López Serrano - Up

  • Art Déco in La Habana

    Okey, actually the phones are not Art Déco, but the building's front behind is. Again this is Edificio López Serrano, the entrance side. If you're interested, read this: native-to-recover-the-lopez-serrano-buil d…

  • Edificio López Serrano

    Another view from the street to top of Edificio López Serrano, the little sister of Empire State Building in New York ;-)

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