Berny's photos

  • command center

    ...of my rental car on, it's an abandoned Caterpillar 330D LN - it's big, so better view in large ;-)

  • driving in the sky


  • Antikythera ruins - 2

  • Antikythera ruins - 1

  • 12 - beddery

    Here lived the lighthousekeeper Βίκτορ Φρανκενστάιν (1895-1933). In the morning some electricity of the batteries helped him getting out of his bed, so the whole thing was called a 'beddery'....................

  • 11 - lost

    the stairs in the background lead to the top......and if you like, start the music and view the image in large......

  • 10 - old beauty

    My new lamp inside is still revolving 24/7 and burning in the night, even if a little bit clouded by broken windows. OK, the lamp isn't congenial to my other appearance, but anyway - see PiP

  • 9 - let's better go back in

    to be honest, the whole thing looked not very solid, neither the railing nor the floor.......see PiP

  • 8 - hold on tight!

    or better not!

  • 7 - in rust we trust

    a short visit to the 'balcony'

  • 6 - vista in sight

    just jump over the batteries, but be aware, sun is fully shining and they are just loading by solar power......and don't jump too faaaaar.....

  • 5 - don't look back

  • 4 - follow me to the top

  • 3 - no risk no fun

    it was a strange feeling there, alone in this remote abandoned lighthouse........

  • 2 - lighthousekeeper's table

    you have to bring your own chair!

  • 1 - come into the lighthouse

    it was quite an adventure to explore this lost place! you're invited!

  • Cape Apolytaras

    The difficult to access abandoned lighthouse on Cape Apolytaras, built 1926.

  • Cape Apolytaras

    On the southernmost point of Antikythera is the Lighthouse of Cape Apolytaras. It was built in 1926, and can be reached only by ship or on a footpath (which is actually rather a very difficult to find goat trail). The lighthouse was manned by lighthouse-k…

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