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  • Das Wetter ist gut, die Hexen fliegen hoch!

  • Hellebore, Spring 2018

    These common garden plants are popular because they flower during the depths of winter. The roots of all Helleborus are strongly emetic and potentially fatal. It was sometimes used to cause vomiting after poisoning which is now known to be harmful. Diosc…

  • Windswept tree at Alyki

    Alyki is a village on the southern tip of Paros, an island in the Cyclades. The ground is dry, and water is precious. There are strong winds from the sea which help to keep the temperatures down. These may however have a drying effect on the crops wich ca…

  • The coastline at Santorini

    A lonely red boat is dwarfed by the high cliff face on the coastline of Santorini in the Cyclades.

  • Worn out

    It's amazing that this wasn't scrapped and turned into a bonfire many years ago. This is right next to the WWII Tulelake POW camp. www.ipernity.com/doc/1227338/39995516/in /album/862280

  • Harris Harvester

    For harvesting barley on Klamath Basin homesteads. Built in Stockton, California, 1920. This is on a ranch next to the WWII Tulelake POW camp. www.ipernity.com/doc/1227338/39995516/in /album/862280

  • girl

    By Tom

  • Giverny

    Belle journée à tous !

  • # 4

    Aus schief mach gerade.

  • # 96

  • Garachico

  • Abandoned

    Nolay is a small medieval village with about 1400 inhabitants near Beaune/Bourgogne. It has a market place of 14th century and nice wooden framed houses in the historical center. But many people - especially the young ones - leave because there is not too…

  • Blue country bus

    Branded for the route from Korat/Nakhon Ratchasima to Surin, a distance of about 110 miles to the east. Note the name has been shortened to Ratsima. Seen in Korat. Mon16Nov09

  • 1921 Fowler Traction Engine

    Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park Transport Festival. Sun17Jul16.

  • la Seine

  • l'automne colore les feuilles !

  • Liseron blanc

    Bonne journée ! merci pour vos visites et vos commentaires ! Le Liseron est une plante herbacée vivaces à rhizome plus ou moins charnu, de la famille des Convolvulacées, à tiges volubiles et feuilles en forme de flèche. Les Liserons sont des plantes très…

  • ...hands up...

    Ottawan - Hands Up

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