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  • Patinoire à carcassonne

  • AZ welcome sign eb i40 12'19

    A brand AZ welcome sign was just installed this month near Topock, AZ. Dec. 2019.

  • Former fire station

  • Self-Confidence

    For the steepest part [4, see below], some experience with winter conditions is not wrong. In less safe snow conditions this would be the end of the tour. (Mobile phone photo, more was not possible under the circumstances.) ~~~~~ Für die steilste Stelle…

  • Bridge building

    Over the past six months we've had bushfires, floods and most recently COVID-19, but despite that the new bridge construction has been progressing steadily, as this photo shows. The image in the PiP was taken in November, some 6 months prior. Best viewe…

  • .

    Calgary Exhibition and Stampede

  • ah les marins,

    il n'était pas chaud pour la photo car il m'a dit que beaucoup de gens photographie mais aucun ne revient avec la photo de lui, donc, je vais m'y employer,, il l'a bien mérité

  • Belle la vie .

  • the tower

    Part of the complex of the old mill at Sant'Andrea a Rovezzano, just upstream from the city of Florence.

  • the milldam

    Sunbathers enjoying the last of the sunny afternoon on the river banks by the milldam of the Molino di Sant'Andrea a Rovezzano.

  • the old mill complex

    People enjoying their recent release from lockdown on the Arno River banks by the "Molino di Sant'Andrea a Rovezzano".

  • 43 (20)

    Cosplay anime manga con

  • Laternenparkplatz

    Wir sehen hier einen Kleinstwagen Smart 451 Fortwo (Brabus?) und einen Kleinwagen Trabant P50. Beide Wagen brauchen wenig Parkfläche, haben vier Räder und ein Lenkrad. Und damit hören die Gemeinsamkeiten auch schon auf. Der Smart ist ein Zweisitzer, 2,70…

  • R/V Aegaeo @Piraeus

    R/V Aegaeo, (IMO:8412429), of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), at the entrance of Piraeus Port (Krakaris Jetty). . (DSC_0252)
    By SV1XV

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