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  • Ma petit fille Franco Péruvienne 3 ans dans 3 jours...

  • Ma petit fille Franco Péruvienne 3 ans dans 3 jours...

  • Sunrise, Hortaleza Madrid

    Dawn on Christmas Eve 2012.

  • Sierra de La Cabrera, rocking stone

    About the size of an elephant.

  • Dawn, Hortaleza, Madrid

    From my balcony one morning in 2013.

  • Chinchon. Old door

    This door is tiny. No more than 1.2 metres high.

  • Trereen Dinas, south - Porthcurno

    Porthcurno, Pednvounder Beach and Trereen Dinas (south). August 2012

  • miroir, miroir...

    ... contes-moi les pages de son histoire ! Un jour HONFLEUR. touche Z svp.

  • Anna : Exotique

  • Matin pollué / Polluted Morning

    L'on ne peut pas arrêter le progrès, mais la pollution, elle, grandit en même temps. .
    By Eve

  • I got well and truly drenched!

    Porthcadjack, Portreath, Cornwall. August 01, 2012. High summer - and a filthy day! I'm sure most of you have (not all as I know a few are against) but, if not, PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY VERY SOON. Z please.

  • chicago_aerial

    By Berny

  • Snowy Egret_20

    Snowy Egret - Egretta thula - taken at Santee Lakes California.

  • boats and islands

    By Berny

  • coquille d'escargot


  • Cabo Sardão

    North cliffs

  • Taganga Bay, Colombia

  • De l'année dernière

    MG 8352

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