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  • set me free Chris Rea – Set Me Free Wake up see the morning light This is you - this is today You try so hard to get it right Can't help thinking somewhere you lost your way When was the last time You saw a smile ? There's a scr…

  • Sunbathing bird

    A Coppersmith barbet perching on top of the mango tree.... Happy Friday and thank you so much for visiting:)

  • petite fleur de rocaille macro

  • Quadrimage 2 :Crime à Loguivy

    en Grand en passant la souris . . ♫♪

  • Oberschwäbische Idylle

    mit herrlicher Sicht auf die Nagelfuhkette - Panoramafoto aus 2 Bildern zusammengesetzt am besten mit schwarzem Hintergrund - best on black - fond noir svp an diesem Aussichtspunkt ist auch die Wiese mit vielen wilden Narzissen. Im Rücken des Fotografen…

  • Contemplation...

    By Ch'an

  • I love London.

    By Ch'an

  • Evening bath

    Shiny Things - Tom Waits

  • ...

    As if we go back in time.... a wonderful mood.. into a memory - Maria

  • Tormenta - Tempesta - Storm - Tempête

    By Ricard

  • exclusive bike

    exclusive model of motorcycle from an independent motorcycle club "Night Wolves" in Krasnogorsk. Boy I do not know, but his emotions I liked:)

  • DSC 0629


  • IT'S better in the Bahamas


  • Paysage d'hiver...(Argentique) / Winter scene...(Film)

    Camera: Agfa Ventura Deluxe 66 (120), Solinar

  • what about dancing ?

    belle sur fond noir...

  • feeding gulls

  • So Gothic!

  • ...

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