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Tom Barnaby Comes Home Early

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The Sex Life of Joyce Barnaby

Joan Bakewell Behind a Capital D

13 Sep 2022 2 16
First: a hardback notebook was covered much as we used to do at school with spare wallpaper but my choice here was a yellowing page of a London evening newspaper from the 1960s. I have no idea how or why it had survived so long. Also surviving was an old edition of the ‘Radio Times’ from 1966, in which there was a photograph of the broadcaster Joan Bakewell. That was cut out and pasted on top. Other things were superimposed, but (artistically) not very successfully. That resulted in the image of Joan Bakewell from 1966 being obscured, and that is a Bad Thing, but it survives elsewhere in my ipernity stream and if you search, you will find it. Montage is absorbing but is not always done well. If a montage takes your eye it might simply be because of one particular element. If most people are looking at a composition because they like mainly one element it might have been better to simply present that alone. Joan Bakewell was born Joan Dawson Rowlands in Stockport and was head girl at Stockport High School for Girls. She went to Newnham College, Cambridge. She is now 89 years of age and still broadcasting. She is one of those people who say something interesting and worthwhile when they open their mouth. In that respect she is quite different to many of today’s broadcasters and politicians.

Some Remnants Remain

13 Sep 2022 2 16
A 1966 campaign by Peter Pan Foundations of Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London, seen in an old 'She' magazine. Things added and then taken away. Almost biblical.

Diamonds are Trumps

Window, Gardening Shed, Avebury Manor

02 Oct 2015 3 19
In the corner of the grounds of Avebury Manor there is a little stone-built shed ('shed' conjures up entirely the wrong image: this one is decidedly de luxe). I have never seen any visitors go in it. This is what I found and photographed using a 20mm lens. Nikon D2Xs and Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AI-S lens.

Photography Shelf B&W Edit

18 Nov 2015 1 1 9
A note about the book on the left hand side. It is John Hedgecoe's 'New Manual of Photography'. Hedgecoe wrote over 30 photography books and for me remains one of the most accessible tutors. As a photographer he is probably defined by his profile shot of Queen Elizabeth II, taken by him in June 1967, which was used by Arnold Machin to make a plaster version. Once the plaster version was produced, Hedgecoe photographed it for the stamp image. It is one of the most-reproduced images, with over 200 billion copies sold. But the photograph which I have noticed most in his canon, and which is repeated in several of his books, is of the girl at the doorway seen in part on the dustjacket pictured here. It is an undeniably strong image and an inspiration on its own. Canon EOS 40D + Chinon 55mm f/1.4 lens.


12 Jun 2012 2 17
A mirror high on a wall for a purpose as yet undiscovered. The photograph was flipped to make it easier to read the A frame set out cunningly - as are almost all A frame advertising boards - to trip and injure the blind and partially sighted. In England this is a great sport which has replaced bear baiting for our amusement.

Having A Fag

Her Grandchildren, 1987

05 Jul 2012 11
I am sure ipernity members are aware of the ancient statute requiring family photographs to be kept in an old shoebox. The inability to find an old shoebox is no defence in English law. The first viewer to comment that this is a load of old cobblers will be fined forty shillings, so watch out.

A Photoshoot With A Crap Camera

05 Jul 2012 3 2 19
Her grandchildren in her back garden, 1987.

Les Parapluies

03 Aug 2012 1 10
Not Renoir. Not even close.

Oak Tree Near Rowde

07 Sep 2022 1 16
I am doing the hair shirt thing, using just one 50mm equivalent lens.

Seend Fork

07 Sep 2022 2 11
I am doing the hair shirt thing, using just one 50mm equivalent lens.


28 Sep 2015 5 39
Close up of an optical instrument displayed in the grounds of Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire. Reminiscent of art by Bridget Riley. Nikon D2Xs and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AI lens.

Spotty Mug

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