Pictures for Pam, Day 99: Nice Selfie (France, lol!)

Provence, France 2018

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Pictures for Pam, Day 99: Nice Selfie (France, lol!)

(+3 insets!) We went to France. Back in the end of April, Steve and I travelled to the Provence area of France for two weeks. It was the first overseas vacation we'd had for years and both of us were so excited! What a surprise we were in for... We made a lot of mistakes. We packed too many places into our itinerary. We tried to do too much. We planned everything--even down to the exact route we'd drive. Classic mistakes that we should have recognized. We didn't. Both of us were sure it would be The Best Trip Ever! Unfortunately the end result was that we came home unsure if we ever wanted to travel again. Yes, we did have a lot of fun times, saw so many cool things. Got gigs of pictures. But for me, just MENTIONING France put me into a tailspin of depression full of miserable memories and swirling emotions. There was a lot of bad mojo on that trip. Worst Trip Ever... Time passed. It's taken a lot of effort to understand everything that went wrong on that trip. The problems were more than just about travelling together. But I'm happy to say that Steve and I are in a much better place and we have been for a couple of months now. We have learned a lot about ourselves and both of us have grown so much. It's been really great...and the icing on the cake is that we can finally look at our France trip and remember all of the fun we had! The proof that I'm truly happy again is that I can FINALLY look at my France photos! And my, oh my...the pictures!! THERE ARE SO MANY of them! Where in the world do you begin? You start at the beginning. If I don't go through my pictures this way, I'm going to miss stuff along the way, and by looking through them in order, I'll remember more too! I'm going to add pictures from our trip to France into my mix of photography, so stay tuned for more from France! :) My main picture was in the first few that I took once we got into our Air B&B apartment in Nice. It was such a cute place and I grabbed my camera as I wandered around appreciating the details. In the bathroom I found a really cool mirror with a lovely bezel around it. I thought, "Let's take a selfie just to say that I'm in France at the beginning of this awesome adventure!" At the same time I took a picture of the cool bezel. You'll see an artistic abstract in one inset and another inset which shows what the bezel looked like. Fun stuff! Note: if you want to read my second France post, it's here: By the way, I woke up to snow on the ground and ran out to take a picture before it all melted in the bright sunshine, and I've included that as an inset too! Pam, where in the world have you travelled? I know you are originally from England...but did you live in several places there? Where else have you been? I love to travel and I've had the chance to go to a lot of different places in my life so far. About a dozen States, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, England, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Australia. What about you? I hope you guys are doing ok...right now a windstorm is shaking the house and a big storm is headed our way...SENDING SOUP YOUR WAY! :D Explored on 2/16/19, highest placement, #1.

Pictures for Pam, Day 100: Romance (Nice France #2)

(+1 inset!) (full size is recommended!) :) WOW!! Can you believe I've been working on this project for 100 days?!! It's been wonderful and I look forward to the next 100! YAY PAM!! :) With the dreary, muddy, sloppy, and rainy weather, it's hard not to want spring to arrive sooner. I'm really happy that we've been getting all of this rain, but at the same time I'm ready for warm, sunny days! That being said, I cannot resist posting this picture today! These flowers were growing in a planter outside our Air B & B apartment in Nice, France. It was beautiful, sunny, and warm almost every day of our trip and waking up in Nice with the sun shining in the windows was such a treat. We'd arrived at the apartment the previous evening so I couldn't wait to grab my camera and take pictures of where we stayed. I stepped out onto the tiny landing that lead to the stairs down to the enclosed courtyard and stopped in my tracks. A planter overflowing with beautiful little pink flowers was positively glowing in the sunshine and I had to stop and stare. I took a bunch of photos before heading down to the courtyard to take a picture of our abode. I'm including an inset of the tiny landing and front of our apartment. You can see the flowers in one of the planters! Above us lived a Russian couple who were quiet but we could hear them walking around above us with creaky floors to tell us where they were. I really enjoyed the little private courtyard and took many pictures before we left, so I'll share some of those when I get to them! :) Note: if you would like to read my first France post, it's here: If you would like to read my third post, it's here: Pam, since it's been raining all day, I looked in your photo stream for rain-related images. I found an outstanding picture of a droplet on pine needles that I really loved!! By the way, I loved reading about where you've travelled, thank you so much for sharing! I have not been to Spain or Hong Kong but those are both on our Bucket List so we'll have to see if we get there at some point! *Sending HUGGGGGGS from southern Oregon* :D Explored on 2/17/19, highest placement, #1.

Pictures for Pam, Day 110: A Day in Nice, France (Nice France #3)

(+5 insets!) Sorry so long! :D It rained and snowed all night long and this morning it's sloppy and positively yucky outside. What snow remains has been melting and it's been muddy and icky all day. You know, I forget that when snow melts, it makes slush and that's just bad news. I was going to say that there are no pictures to take but it occurs to me that I've never actually thought about trying to find an interesting slushy picture. That could actually be really neat! If you've taken one, link it in the comments, I bet it's pretty dreamy! As I type, there is an Acorn Woodpecker on one of our window sills, pecking at the surfaces and yelling about it. *shakes head* Our house is not a storage facility for your nuts, you crazy bird! :D I spent a lot of time today playing with pictures from France. So much fun! Street and city shots give me the opportunity to try out different photography than my specialty of macro and the change is both refreshing and invigorating. Plus, this sort of photography really lends itself to using filters to enhance the interest. Yay, time to play In the sandbox!! Do you guys know about Topaz Labs filter suites? They work for both Windows and Mac and they have stand-alone applications as well as plug-ins for Photoshop. (I am a Photoshop user from allllll the way back, but you don't need this program to work on your pictures!) I depend on their tools for a variety of my needs. Here's my workflow: 1) At the least, I use their Topaz Denoise filter which has enormous control for both RAW and JPEG. 2) Next, I usually place the subject on its own layer in Photoshop. I use Topaz Remask for this step, though I sometimes opt for using the polygonal lasso or magic wand for selecting the subject. 3) When my subject is on its own layer, I usually apply one or more detailing filters, taking the opacity down to about 50% usually. (Opacity means that I make the layer less and less visible and allow the original layer to show through more and more. At 50%, the effect of a filter is much more natural and allows the original details to show through the filtered layer) The look I'm aiming for is enhancement, not blatant garishness! Topaz Labs has several detailing filter suites but I usually use Detail (this is no longer available as a separate plugin but part of their stand-alone application, which has all of their tools in one convenient place.). Previous to Detail I used Adjust but I like the filters in Detail better, they are more sophisticated and less coarse. 4) Finally, I often add a vignette to my image to direct more attention to my subject. I do this with the Lens Correction feature in Photoshop but I also use Topaz Lens Effects and Texture Effects for this. (Other filter sets I adore, but not usually for final processing are B/W Effects and Restyle.) B/W Effects is full of fantastic monochrome and duo-tone options as well as interesting vignetting ideas. Restyle will eat your life. It changes the colors of everything in your image to varying degrees and can change the mood completely from drab to outlandish, for example. If you have an image with blah colors and you want to add pizazz, Restyle will do this for you. The only problem is that it takes forever to look through the universe of choices. It's really fun though and I love to allow myself the time to play in this suite from time to time. Lens Effects has very interesting vignetting options but also helps with recreating background blur or changing the lighting in your image. It's very powerful! Texture Effects gives you access to a world of textures and interesting filtering choices, as well as wonderful vignetting and border ideas. If your image is interesting but it's not quite enough by itself, Texture Effects will save the day! There you have it. The only other Topaz filters I sometimes use is Topaz Impression, which turns your photo into artwork with a zillion paint styles. It's really neat but I am more about enhancing my photography than changing it into something completely artificial. Still, what a fantastic tool! (I've also enjoyed Dynamic Auto Painter, a wonderful program you may like to explore) One other point: There are LOTS of filter suites out there which are outstanding—I just happened to latch onto Topaz and they give me the high-quality, adjustable filters I insist on. If you take pictures with your phone, you'll know what I'm talking about in this regard. Zillions of options! FRANCE TRIP, CONTINUED! Note: if you want to read my first and second France posts, they are here: The first entry: The second entry is this: Since I was playing with my France pictures today, that's the feature of today! If you may recall from the other day, Steve and I landed in Nice and got into our apartment late that night. The next morning was gorgeous and we were so excited to see the town. To continue on our fresh new adventure, Steve and I had a mission to find a grocery store for provisions. Once we located one we grabbed our cameras and headed out. Right away there were pictures to be had everywhere! A very colorfully painted car...a cool artistic sculpture featuring arrows going up and signs, rows of motorcycles outside a shop and even the door handles leading into the store were cool! I tried out our sneaky way to take pictures of people, by holding my camera at my hip and pointing it up towards people but not looking at them. Lots of garbage but sometimes you nail it! However, at one point I was looking through my viewfinder and noticed a group of teenagers...I couldn't help aiming at them...and you'll see that the beauty who caught my eye most certainly saw my admiring aim and click! :D Pam, have you ever done city photography and pictures of people? The only images I found on your stream were of San Francisco, so maybe not? Or perhaps you just don't bother with them? I find city photography to be refreshing and interesting but you really do have to be in the right mood for it. People do NOT like their picture taken so you must be crafty...or ask their permission, but then it's no longer candid so forget it! I love architecture's all really neat. Do you enjoy that sort of thing? Well, time to send more delicious soup your's a cold and miserable mess outside, wouldn't be surprised to hear the same on your side! *BIG HUGS...AND SOUP!* :D Explored on 2/28/19, highest placement, #7.

Pictures for Pam, Day 124: Nice Feet! (Nice France Presentation #4)

(+9 insets!) (Please view large against black) :) (If you would like to see the other pictures I've posted of Nice so far, here's a link to my Provence, France album ) Today I'm posting some of my pictures from our trip to Provence, France. I've been working on them when I can and the shocking part is that I've only dipped my toe into the first DAY when we were in Nice. The reality is that I'm not going to get to them all. There's just no way to do it so I will resign myself to having fun working on the pictures I get to. As I've been working on my pictures, I've done a lot of thinking about the problem of too many pictures and too little time. There are many schools of thought on the priority of processing pictures. I will often spend hours poring over images and deciding which ones to process. I while away the hours, happily choosing and cropping potential images in Adobe Bridge and RAW. The problem is that the pictures aren't actually processed. Basically, this translates to precious hours wasted with nothing to show for my efforts. Another of dealing with pictures is to pop around your folders looking at whatever grabs your attention and processing the ones that you like. That works well, especially if you immediately process pictures that you like and don't put it off to the side for later. Another way to deal with a folder of pictures is to look at them in order. Chuck them if they aren't good but when you find one that's usable, process it right then. What that means is that the pictures at the end of the line will be waiting forever perhaps, but at least you'll have pictures that are actually finished and ready to share. Yes, there may be some truly incredible pictures that won't get the attention they deserve, but if you don't see them, who cares? You might have remembered me mentioning that I've decided to just work on my France pictures in order. If this means I only share pictures from our first couple of days, so be it. I do remember some memorable pictures that I'll definitely get to but for now, working on my pictures in order has been really fun and interesting. About the pictures I'm posting today… As you all know, street photography is not my forte, but I really enjoy the opportunity to work on my technique. Since people usually don't want to be photographed, we hold our cameras at our sides, tilted up at people and interesting areas that we pass. The results are definitely hit or miss but I've gotten a surprising number of cool pictures as well. It's such a different facet of photography that looking at my pictures is really fascinating. Likewise, processing these pictures is a very different adventure too. One common problem with an unaimed photo is a subject that isn't sharp. So when I've found an otherwise interesting picture, I've had to process it in a way that the blur doesn't ruin the picture and instead becomes a planned element. This has translated to the use of a lot of filters and other techniques I don't normally use. The end result is that my Nice pictures seem to be taken by another version of me! It's been a delightful discovery and an awesome photographic adventure and I hope that you enjoy this set! By the way, just to remind you, Steve and I flew into Nice, France, spent the night in our Air B and B apartment and I walked from our apartment to a grocery store and back again to make breakfast. Later we went out and walked around Nice. It was really fun to walk around a busy European city. We loved the sights, the sounds, the language, the energy--all of it! Even the grime and filth when it showed itself. My main picture just makes me happy. I'm sure the plan was to get the whole person in the frame but as you can see, I only captured the feet. It would have likely been a nice picture as planned but to me, this picture is so much more interesting and shows such fun fashion. I used various filters to achieve the overall effect! PiP 1: This is an abstract of the sidewalk that I then applied filters to…isn't it pretty? :) PiP 2: Along our route I looked up and saw a cool palm tree and as I took the picture a seagull flew by! PiP 3: Steve and I enjoy taking pictures of each other while we're in photo-mode PiP 4: . We visited a really neat purse shop and outside were some purses for sale. (I have another picture of purses for another set of pictures!) PiP 5-7: Two pictures show collages of our shopping…into a grocery store and also to an open-air produce shop. PiP 7 shows a blue sequined flower that I also found in the produce shop PiP 8: A lady flashed by on a bicycle wearing a bandana to protect against gasoline fumes in the busy streets; I had a lot of fun keeping her in color and turning the rest to b/w. PiP 9: A man rode by with a terrier in the basket…this was a blurry picture and I decided to play with artistic filters to keep it! Pam, I looked up "feet" on your photo stream and though you didn't have anything specific, I did find an adorable picture of Flicka and Lucas waiting for treats and laying mannerly on the rug with their front feeties out in front of them! :) I hope that you had a good day today!! Sending hugs from southern Oregon! :)

Pictures for Pam, Day 130: Nice, France Presentation #5 (+8 insets)

(+ 8 insets!) If you would like to see all of my Nice, France pictures, please visit my Provence, France 2018 album! :) Looking at some of the amazing photography here on ipernity, I am very often inspired this way or that. Sometimes I see pictures that make me want to run outside and go crazy with images of droplets, flowers, insects. Other times I want to work on my indoor shots. But I keep running into fabulous pictures of European settings of all sorts that have me jumping up and down (this makes sense, most of you live there! :D). So I think it's time for another presentation on our Provence, France trip! I sure have been learning a lot about pictures that seem like they are garbage but aren't. Like I said in my last France post, I got plenty of blurry pictures because of how I was doing most of my street photography. (Camera at my hip, tilted up to people coming my way, unobtrusively photographed) I cannot get over how the use of an appropriate filter can turn junk into an intriguing image! (Well, to me anyway!) For someone who values crisp focus on a subject, it's amazing how good an originally blurry picture can look given the right treatment. That's not to say that all of my pictures turned out blurry! But to me, saved garbage images which capture my attention and are worthy of sharing are totally fascinating to me. Today's main picture (without a blurry subject! :D) was a beautiful flower I found in a planter outside the produce market we visited. What a surprise to find that awesome bokeh when I took a look on the computer! The rest of the pictures are pictures of people…you will see a whole lot of filter work on these images which has turned most of them into artistic works but hopefully you'll find them fun and interesting to look at. I would be interested to know what you think! About these pictures: PiP #1: Steve and I couldn't believe how common "Segue"-style uni-wheel scooters are! They are everywhere! This picture is one I just love because it looks like something out of a graphic novel. PiP #2: I nearly deleted this pictures before I realized…wait!! He's a street drunk, this blurry picture will be perfect with the right treatment…well what do you know?! Did it work out for you? PiP #3: I loved this pair waiting for the bus…so different and so photogenic. I think the treatment makes this look like a cool stamp! PiP #4: Can you say "Jaundiced Stare"? LOL…I think she saw me taking her picture, what do you think? I couldn't help myself, isn't she amazing?! I'm just glad she didn't kill me! :D PiP #5: I call this one "Trekkin' Granny"! Isn't she fabulous?! I hope I look that good at her age, talk about AWESOME! PiP #6: This impressionist art filter turned this into something that I stared at and thought…that lady looks a bit like me! PiP #7: A typical street in Nice, I liked the angle and mood of this image…it was one of the first blurry pictures that I decide to try and save. PiP #8: This one is not a great success but I like it because it's a memory shot. Explanation: it's got Mr. Pizza AND one of the delivery scooter guys reflected in the glass! We encountered a very crabby rider the night we arrived in Nice on the narrow alley streets and were trying to find parking. We hadn't even gotten to our Air BnB apartment yet and we'd been flying for many hours. We were tired and anxious about finding our place to stay. This guy was annoyed that we were making it hard for him to get down the street and had a few things to say about it. Heh…but Steve's driving was totally AMAZING…negotiating between cars on these streets was a seemingly futile idea but Steve never touched a car, with mere inches on either side! At one point I had to get out to let him know if he would touch or not. He made it around a car with less than an inch at the mirror! INCREDIBLE! Funny thing is, the next day we saw that scooter rider and he remembered us. He was actually quite nice and helped us with directions! :) Pam, I'm going to take a wild guess that the flowers in my main picture are wild geraniums and once you let me know that I'd mistakenly labeled a wild geranium as a Redstem Storksbill. It was nice to have that pointed out to me! And so I took a look on your stream…I found one! This beautiful, artistic interpretation of a wild geranium is so classically Pam , since you have always loved to create these lovely spheres of your subjects. Wonderful! And I sure hope that your day is going ok! Big hugs from southern Oregon! :) Explored on 3/20/19, highest placement, #1.

Zig-Zag Stairs in Nice, France

Pictures for Pam, Day 146: HFF: Cool Fence in Nice, France (+10 insets!)

(+10 insets!) As I mentioned yesterday, Steve and I spent the night in our house--not our RV--because our "gray tank" is full and we can't use the sinks until we go to one of the nearby RV tank dumps. The break was nice but both of us really missed our cozy RV and would have slept there if it made sense. What a great sign though, that things are going to work out for us! Even Pumpkin was fussy because she loves that we're always right there when we're in the RV! When I went for my walk today I was amazed at all of the mushrooms that had popped up in the meadow and alongside the driveway. It was an overcast, dewy day and I knew that rain was forecast for the next week so I grabbed my camera to take pictures before it started pouring. Happily I beat the rain and I also managed to get some real winners! Can't wait to share them but that isn't today! Why? It's time to post my Happy Fence Friday picture for tomorrow!! My pictures today are also the next installment of our trip to Provence, France, starting with Nice. The main image is a lovely latticed fence that we walked past on our first morning. We were on the way to a nearby grocery store to get supplies and this beautiful fence captured my attention. What's not to love about this awesome fence?! I was totally smitten and how lucky to get a picture without anyone in view! You will also find the next set of 10 insets showing some of our adventures that day--there will be about 3 more sets of Nice when I'm done. (You may notice that some images have a lot of process filtering because they were taken in stealth mode and turned out blurry but were fantastic for artistic creativity.) Here's more information about each PiP: PiP #1: We walked into Old Nice and wandered up Rossetti Street. At the top was a staircase and as we paused to look up, I saw our shadows on the wall! Shadow selfies for the win! :) PiP #2: This is a view of the Jules Eynaudi Steps, which lead up to a cemetery and castle above, as well as an incredible view of Old Nice and the sea beyond. PiP #3: This plaque commemorates Jules Eynaudi, writer and poet who lived and died in Nice (1871-1948). His most famous work is his "Dictionnaire de la langue niçoise". By his writings, by the associations he created, his whole life was devoted to the defense of the Nice culture. (text from A Walking Tour of the Streets & Monuments of Nice ) PiP #4: Halfway up the steps is this lovely sculpture, which I believe is St. Mary holding baby you-know-who (There is a cathedral named as such nearby) PiP #5: This is the view down Rossetti hill from the top of the stairs. PiP #6: A road from the Jules Eynaudi Steps exits onto a road which meanders around the hill and opens up to incredible views of Old Nice and the sea beyond. PiP #7: Steve and I discovered that in France, dogs are treated even better than in the US! These beloved companions are absolutely everywhere! It was fun to get pictures of some of the folks walking their dogs and I really enjoyed this pair trotting along with their best biped pal--the boxer in the background was a wonderful bonus! PiP #8: We saw lots of fun things in the windows of businesses we strolled past. This electric bike was made to look like a vintage relic and we just loved its old-time charm! PiP #9: In Nice, people commonly used a large variety of transportation other than cars, busses, bike and motorcycles. These push-scooters were very commonly used by teens and adults. Coming from San Francisco, it was a rare sight to see anyone other than a kid on one of these. PiP #10: As we were making our way back to our Air BnB apartment, we stopped to admire this beautifully lit Palace of Justice. This tan Neoclassical building dominates the Old Town square that holds its name. Its many steps lead up to the entrance for Nice's law courts. Pam, I enjoyed reading about your grape hyacinths--they really are so easy to keep and safe from varmints. Gophers and squirrels eat all of our bulbs too, boo! And finally, it is nice that you got to visit Peggy several times…something to look forward to in the future I hope!!! I thought it would be fun to look up "Friends" on your stream and what do you know? A picture of Peggy ! :) How sweet and wonderful. Ipernity has been such a wealth to us for friends and community. How lucky we are. And what a fantastic picture of Peggy! :) *MANY HUGS FROM SOUTHERN OREGON* :) Explored on 4/5/19, highest placement, #2.

Pictures for Pam, Day 153: HFF: 2 Guys on a Guard Rail in Nice, France! (+11 insets!)

(+11 insets!) (Please view large, you won't regret it!) Today we're all stirred up! Steve's sister is coming to stay with us for the next few days so we've been cleaning up and getting ready. It's been a while since I've seen her so it will be nice to catch up. The weather isn't going to be super but we'll get to take her to the Pear Blossom Festival and Parade this weekend which should be fun! I don't know how busy I'll be so my commenting is likely going to be spotty at apologies in advance! Today is also the day when I post my Happy Fence Friday picture! Lately it's actually turned into my own Happy FRENCH Fence Friday! Along with a fence picture, it's been a perfect opportunity to share another set of pictures from our trip to Provence, France last year! If you've been following along with my trip so far, you may be amused that I've only shared pictures from our very first stop--Nice! We arrived late one night, spent a full day and left the next morning. However, in that time I got so many useable pictures that so far I've posted 41 and today I'll be posting another 11! I'm not quite finished processing the last of them but I have about 25 more ready to go--which will be two more sets at this point…I expect there will be another set at least, if you can believe it! As I've mentioned before, it's been really fun exploring my France photography because it's such a different style than I'm used to. I'd like to say thanks for all of your enthusiasm--I know it's not my usual type of photography but the positive response I've gotten leaves me glowing and so appreciative! :) Ok, let's go to Nice, shall we?! My main picture today was captured along Nice' famous Promenade des Anglais, a busy avenue and wide walkway that hugs the coastline of Nice. This particular spot featured a sweeping turn and heavy-duty guard rail, along with a pair of fellows who sat conveniently on one end! The picture cried out to be a very wide panorama in strong silhouette--I hope you like how it turned out! :) The insets cover a lot of the time that we spent walking along the waterfront but includes a couple of others as well. Here are details about the insets! :) PiP #1: Near where I took the guard rail picture there is a pull-out and this enormous sign to promote Nice. Kids were attracted like bees to honey and crawled all over it incessantly! The fellow in the bicycle taxi tried very hard to solicit our business long before we arrived at this spot to find him here, watching the kitlings play on the sign. He was listening to very loud music but it was really fun and it added to the enjoyment we were having this late afternoon. :) PiP #2: There was a rocky beach which ran along below the road and Steve and I enjoyed looking down to see the various clusters seated here and there or walking at the water's edge. This group was having a wonderful conversation and I got several pictures of them laughing and having fun. PiP #3: At the bend there was also a nice view in both directions. This picture shows Old Town Nice as it reaches out to the edge of the sea. PiP #4: As luck would have it, we arrived as the sun was beginning to set and we got some very dramatic images of the sun sinking below the far hills. What a view! :) PiP #5: We also saw lots of fishermen along the way, and many of them set up their poles on this point. Great people-watching here with folks looking at things on the ground and chumming around with one another. Good times! PiP #6 : Walking along the popular Promenade, this picture is an artistic, blurry impression of the people enjoying an early evening stroll--or run--with colorful lights beginning to show themselves in the background. I think the runners on the left might have noticed me…do you think?! :D PiP #7: I found this old man, down on his luck, snoozing on his bike to keep it safe from thieves. You can't deny his great style with his bright red sarape and sombrero hat. Entering the frame from the right is a pigeon who I distinctly heard say, "OLE!" :D PiP #8: Everywhere you go in Nice you will find inviting restaurants with plenty of outdoor seating. This nicely-furnished business had just opened up for the evening…pizza anyone?! PiP #9: Nearby a very busy café vibrated with great energy as friends and family enjoyed delicious food and drink a-plenty. I took this picture without even noticing the star of the show. When I took a closer look on my computer I burst out laughing…would you just LOOK at that dog?! Its master is clueless and deep in a conversation with his friend (who thinks I'm taking a picture of him, lol) but his dog is at the leash limit and in seventh heaven from two-scoops of love from a pair of joyful ladies who love this darling pooch! PiP #10: A close-up of the belly-up pup, showing her delirious state of happiness…"DON'T STOP!!!" :D PiP #11: And finally, as the evening grew darker, a beautiful cobbled alley, bedecked in pretty light prompted my eager attention. What a cool sight! Pam, I expect you've seen plenty of places similar to this in your caravan days, no? I have been so surprised to discover the wonderful seaside scenery in England. Of course I shouldn't be surprised but for some reason I didn't think England would have pretty views, isn't that odd? Ipernity has certainly opened my eyes to the splendor of England. As well, seeing all of the amazing pictures you shared in the book version of your 2011 Snowdrops Anglo-Saxon Chronicles I especially loved the sunset at the Valley of the Rocks at Lynton , what a gorgeous picture! :) Here's hoping you're doing well today! MANY HUGS from southern Oregon! Explored on 4/12/19, highest placement, #1.

Giuseppe Garibaldi at Garibaldi Square in Nice, France

This monument is in front of Saint Sépulcre chapel. The plaque says his name and "sa ville natale" which translates to "his home town". Named after the Italian military figure, Giuseppe Garibaldi, this central Nice square dates back to the 18th century. Originally used to celebrate the arrival of the Counts of Savoy, it was designed by Antoine Spinelli and is surrounded by attractive Baroque structures. The style of architecture definitely has a very Italian feel to it.
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