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Lupins, Denali National Park, Alaska

18 Jun 2020 12 8 362
This was actually a "lens test" I did while wandering around our campground at Denali National Park, Alaska. I was testing the macro capability of the Sigma lens I was using on the Nikon D700 camera. In this case, I closed down to F16, and got more good flower detail. But even with some detail, there is a bit of nice bokeh here. Image processed with GIMP.

Rock and Rapids, Little Susitna River, Alaska

18 Jun 2020 13 3 471
Taken during a side trip near Wasila, Alaska. I was using an older Sigma 70-300 macro lens with the Nikon D700. Worked fine. Image processed with GIMP.

Wall of Acropolis, Athens (HWW)

15 Jun 2020 21 15 489
Taken during our 2009 cruise when we visited Athens. As we were climbing (and climbing), I saw this foundation wall with the plants poking out. Image processed with GIMP.

Vine on Wall, Lerwick, Scotland (HWW)

02 Aug 2014 13 10 354
The scenery in this town was wonderful. A lot of people had put in the work to enhance the scene with plantings. Image processed with GIMP.

Sit and Enjoy the View (HBM)

09 Jun 2020 30 21 474
Taken on the beach near our house on Maui (1999-2008). After retirement, we often walked on the beach at sunrise. Someone had placed a bench for viewing. Image processed with GIMP.

Tulips, Butchart Gardens

18 May 2007 21 11 417
Taken in 2007, when we were on a cruise to Alaska. It was a perfect day to photograph, and as usual, the staff at Butchart had the plantings just right. I especially like the contrast between the yellow tulips and the blue ground-cover behind and below. Looks best when viewed on a black background. Image processed with GIMP.

(Fire)Truck in Talkeetna, Alaska

20 Jul 2012 10 4 419
This Mercedes (fire)truck was parked in downtown Talkeetna, Alaska. Just had to get a photo of it. I think that it has been restored as a vehicle for one of the local bars. (There seem to be a lot of bars in Talkeetna...) Image processed with GIMP.

House Rules

20 Jul 2012 6 3 261
SIgn posted at entrance to a bar in Talkeetna, Alaska. I like those rules! Image processed with GIMP. Below is a suggestion that this be added to the "Italo-Byzantine Acuity" group, so they will have some rules (of some sort).

St. Xavier del Bac, Tucson Arizona

22 Apr 2013 13 8 376
This is a remarkable church, and much photographed. If you are in or near Tucson, Arizona, be sure to visit. See:

Bernadette and Bear

13 Nov 2017 10 4 231
Our 53 inch Costco bear, watching "Big Bang" on the television. Note that Bernadette is comfortably snuggling with her huge Costco bear! See:

Our 53 Inch Costco Bear Watching His Favorite Adve…

13 Nov 2017 5 352
We were able to purchase and carry the 53 inch Costco teddy bear in our RV. Here, he is watching his favorite ads on TV. Note the penguins who decorate our TV area. See:

Biker Teddy Bear in Cologne

09 Oct 2010 7 2 334
We were on a river cruise that stopped for the day in Cologne (Koln). When we visited the famous cathedral, we found that the day was the "blessing of the motorcycles". The square was filled with bikes and the cathedral was filled with worshipers. This bear was on the back of a parked motorcycle. See:

Typical HUGE Costco Bear

22 Oct 2018 5 2 361
This one is the big 80 inch bear. Note that he has his own employee nametag. Anyway, this was too big to fit into our RV. We finally purchased a 53 inch bear, and that takes up much of our apartment. Image taken with the phone and processed with GIMP. See:

UP4014 "Big Boy" Videos from Iowa and Texas, 2019

02 Aug 2019 11 6 585
We "chased" this remarkable locomotive through Iowa in August 2019, and then enjoyed a pass-by in Texas in November. This video was created using OpenShot from various images taken during these experiences. More photos at:

'Dinosaur' Tree (BW)

21 Oct 2007 26 8 452
Taken at the Wahiawa Botanical Garden on Oah'u during our 2007 long weekend visit. These trees were quite impressive, with their trunks looking like the thighs of dinosaurs. The image seemed to look better to me in monochrome. Taken with the Nikon D50 and processed with GIMP and UFRaw. For more photos, see:

Bamboo Forest (BW)

21 Oct 2007 5 263
We took a long weekend and flew from Maui to Honolulu. One of the photo opportunities we took was a visit to a bamboo forest at the Wahiawa Botanical Garden on Oah'u. While swatting mosquitoes, we got some good photos. This looks OK in color, but I like it more, after converting to monochrome. Taken in 2007 using the Nikon D50. Image processed with UFRaw and GIMP. For more photos, see:

Flamingos at the Honolulu Zoo

20 Oct 2007 8 1 359
We took a long weekend one time in 2007 and flew from Maui to Honolulu. We enjoyed a stay in the "big city", including visits to some photo ops. Took these pictures at the Honolulu Zoo using the Nikon D50. Image processed with GIMP and UFRaw. For more photos, see:

Moon and Clouds as We Approached Sydney Harbor

19 Oct 2016 10 3 372
As our ship approached Sydney Harbor for a magnificent entry, I saw that the moon was playing with the clouds. This was taken with the Nikon D700, near the entrance to Sydney Harbor. More photos at: and

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