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Welcome to Puerto Montt (HWW)

23 Jan 2008 12 4 37
This sign on the seawall greeted us as we arrived in Puerto Montt. This is a very interesting area in Chile. Image processed with GIMP

Decorated Table for "Oscars Night"

24 Feb 2008 9 2 28
During our South America cruise in 2008, the cruise line went out of their way to have "special" nights in the main dining room. Each time, all new decorations were put up. Certainly made for a festive evening. This table is decorated for "Oscars Night". We were at sea when Hollywood had its special night. Image processed with GIMP.

Falklands Memorial Wall

07 Feb 2008 19 3 61
Taken during our stop in 2008. This statue and memorial wall honor those who fought during the recent War. Image process with GIMP.

Sunflowers (H.A.N.W.E.)

11 Sep 2023 19 5 52
Taken from our back yard, looking over a wild area. The final sunflowers of the season. Winter will be here soon (!) Image processed with GIMP.


11 Sep 2023 4 22
Taken from our back yard, looking over a wild area. The final sunflowers of the season. Winter will be here soon (!) Image processed with GIMP.

Square Fence, Phuket (HFF)

17 Mar 2018 18 8 67
An iron fence I saw during our tour in Phuket. (Squares in squares, etc. Also some flowers inside some of the squares.) Much manipulated in GIMP to get it into a square format.

Rio in the Fog (H.A.N.W.E.)

31 Jan 2011 25 5 69
We've visited Rio de Janeiro a couple of times. It is't uncommon to have misty conditions with fog. This was taken from our ship, as we arrived in foggy conditions. The Sugar Loaf mountain is clearly poking out of the mist. The original was color, but a conversion to monochrome and editing with GIMP looks better to me.

Wet Chain (Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

03 Sep 2023 21 9 71
This photo was taken by me in 1967, when I worked at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. The stage had just been abandoned when a major rainstorm came through. From King Lear, we have the Fool's song: He that has and a little tiny wit– With hey, ho, the wind and the rain,– Must make content with his fortunes fit, For the rain it raineth every day. (This was a scan of a 35mm slide I took. Much manipulated with GIMP.)


26 Jan 2008 30 12 125
This shipwreck remains as a silent warning to watch where you are going. This was taken in the Chilean Fjords. The crew took a wrong turn, and that was that. This location is so isolated, that it would cost too much to salvage the wreck. Time has turned it into a hulk of rust. Image processed with GIMP.

Orange Wheels (HFF, H.A.N.W.E.)

27 Jan 2008 13 6 68
Seen on a farm (estancia) we visited in Tierra del Fuego.

Oranges (H.A.N.W.E.)

29 Feb 2008 6 2 53
The fruit, not necessarily the color. Taken in the market, Manaus, Brazil. Most of the fruit is green, but the inside is the real stuff. Hope your weekend is sweet!

Fence at Casino RV Park (HFF)

14 Jul 2008 23 9 116
Taken in Laughlin, Nevada. This RV park is associated with the local casinos, and was a very nice place to stay. We parked here during the first week after moving into our new RV, July, 2008. As you can see, sunsets in the desert are quite lovely.

Rio, Christ Statue (Crowd photo in PIP)

16 Feb 2007 26 11 135
This is what they were looking at, and taking selfies, with. If you want to see the people at the base who are taking photos of this famous statue, see:

Worth a Thousand Words (now PIP and HFF)

16 Feb 2007 25 21 171
For Sunday Challenge. You add your own words. Image processed with GIMP. - - - - - Hooray, I figured out how to do PIP. - - - - - - - - - Wording added after the Sunday Challenge was over: These were tourists at the base of the Christ statue in Rio. Some were trying to get just the right angle with their photo. Some were posing so that the photographer (probably not in this picture) could put them together, some were taking selfies. The object of their photography: We saw this kind of behavior in Pisa, as visitors from around the world positioned themselves and their photographers so that they were "holding up the leaning tower". To me, this tableau of people looks like a store window, or some frozen moment in time.

Video of Union Pacific Steam Locomotive 4014 (Nebr…

20 Jun 2023 12 10 100
We had seen 4014 in Nebraska in 2021, but had another chance this June. The train was headed to Omaha for an event, and traveled through mid-Nebraska, an easier drive. We found a rural crossing near Schuyler, Nebraska, and set up the cameras. The videos and photos here were taken by both myself and my wife, but she did the video composition work. Always an awesome experience to see this 1,000,000 pound machine pass by.

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive #4014 in Nebraska (…

16 Jun 2023 29 16 161
We had another opportunity to capture images of this remarkable piece of machinery in action. This time, June 11, 2023, we were at a rural crossing in Nebraska. This is a frame captured from a video being recorded as the train passed. Image then processed with GIMP. This should meet the "historical" Sunday Challenge. These massive locomotives were built during WW II to handle the heavy loads over the Rocky Mountains. The locomotive and tender weigh 1,000,000 pounds, the heaviest locomotive ever built. As steam was removed from the Union Pacific operations in the 1950's these locomotives became obsolete. In the early 1960's, this particular locomotive was donated to a club in Southern California, and was moved to a static location at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona, California. I was living in that town at the time, and as a teenager, I climbed all over this massive machine. There it sat for decades. Recently, the Union Pacific decided to restore one of the "4000" series to operation, and they chose the unit from Pomona. In 2019, this magnificent locomotive again ran on the rails under steam power. For other images and information: For other railroad-related images, see:

Air Fryer Chicken (H.A.N.W.E.)

19 Jan 2019 9 6 117
A fellow RV'er was trying to convince us to buy a stand-alone air fryer. So, he cooked some chicken (see photo) and it WAS DELICIOUS! So, we bought one. It works well, but we now have a gas stove with an "air fryer" option that works well too. The color comes from our friend's "secret" spice combination. Enjoyed this chicken in Quartzsite, Airzona, during the winter show season. Image taken with the phone and processed with GIMP.

Heros (H. A. N. W. E.)

21 Jul 2021 16 4 85
A "Freedom Rock" in Iowa, USA. These rocks were paid for by local fund-raising organizations, and painted by an artist. They are usually sited in a Veterans Memorial in small Iowa towns. The plan was to place one rock in each Iowa county. That part of the project is now complete. We've visited 4 of these sites so far. This one honors "heros". I felt that this would be appropriate to U. S. Memorial Day (upcoming). See: Image processed with GIMP.

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