'KEEP OUT'!! or 'STAY IN!!'. Either way, a worrying sight!

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'KEEP OUT'!! or 'STAY IN!!'. Either way, a worryin…

20 Aug 2016 23 23 374
An arresting sight! And a deeply unpleasant one, to my mind! Window seen in Mogarraz, Salamanca Province.

It's seen better days.

20 Aug 2016 23 29 355
Probably uninhabited. There are many properties like this in the villages of rural Spain. Here, in Mogarraz, not so many as it is a touristy place.

Penzance Harbour. HFF!

04 Aug 2017 41 57 452
Lichen and fence shadow on harbour roadside edge. HFF. Sorry about the very early posting but, again, I'm not sure where I'll be this evening and tomorrow!

Very tempted to give it a little shove!

17 Mar 2012 28 34 405
Granite, Sierra de La Cabrera. Las Torres de El Cancho Largo on the horizon.

The greatest fence I ever did see!

25 Apr 2017 46 77 549
HFF everybody and I hope the uploading problems are fixed very soon! Also H.A.N.W.E.!

My picnic table in summer. Sierra de La Cabrera

19 Aug 2015 46 69 511
I have posted this granite oddity before - in a foggy December setting. This was taken in the heat of an August day but the breeze you can get on the ridge here takes the edge off the stifling heat down below.

HFF! Colombia metro station, Madrid

29 Apr 2012 41 58 591
There is a logical explanation for this sculpture which was noted on my Pano upload of this shot but which was stolen by Google and I can't now remember what it is! Anyway I find the effect quite surreal!

Mar de Cristal Metro Station, Madrid

05 Mar 2012 33 51 548
Typical of the Madrid metro designs in its great expansive phase from about 1995 to the onset of the recession and, deliberately over-edited by me, this represents a positive, thrusting, energetic attitude that faltered somewhat when the recession struck. However the legacy has left a metro network that, in large parts. exudes a dynamic upbeat feel that is very seductive. It still needs to be paid for, however!

Happy Fence Friday!

18 Jul 2012 74 90 832
Rhodochriton (sometimes called Purple Bell Vine). A climber originally from Southern Mexico and Guatamala. It is very happy in Cornwall! Garden in Saint Day, Cornwall


12 May 2013 29 51 518
Accidental shot on the Madrid metro. But I was pleased that I had polished my shoes that morning! It's like your Mum making sure you always had clean underwear on 'because, you never know, you might be hit by a bus'!!!!

Shortlands Station from the road below. On Z pleas…

20 Nov 2016 37 46 480
Shortlands Station. South East London. I visited my brother briefly last year and took this after exiting (amazingly steadily) from the Shortlands Pub.

Parque de Juan Carlos I

24 Jun 2012 47 54 691
Purpose-built 1980s park in northeast Madrid (but then I suppose that ALL parks are 'purpose-built'), full of grandiose metallic sculptures and broad vistas much beloved of surfboarders and roller skaters (I'm not 100% certain of the vocabulary here as maybe one of these activities is related to water rather than land?? I'm floundering as neither activity interests me in the slightest!) and whatever is fashionable in such circles these days.

HFF!!! Cuatro Torres and sculpture, Chamartin rail…

12 Apr 2014 40 68 779
The sculpture: "A LA DIVERSIDAD HUMANA" Sculpture by Josep Capella and Clara Capo. I have Steve Drury to thank for finding the title from my Pano gallery when I thought Google had erased all notes and comments! Please give as generously as you can: www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/ipernity-members-association-a-non-profit-entity

Saint Day. Dull day.

19 Nov 2016 25 45 590
Not all Cornish photos can be full of exciting clifftops, dramatic skies or sunny days.

Principe Pio Station, Madrid. Artwork from old rai…

20 May 2013 14 27 423
This is pleasing artwork to me and makes worthwhile use of material which would otherwise have been discarded.

Calle de Orellana, Madrid

03 May 2013 18 23 290
Sadly, these wall murals were whitewashed over last year. Photo taken in May 2013, not in 2012 as per the exif!

View from my (very occasional) bedroom window, ear…

12 Aug 2014 33 52 655
Dawn, August 2014. St Day, Cornwall. Well, it's still my bedroom window even if I haven't spent more than 10 nights here in the past 5 years! The building in front is the annexe to my parents house. It comprises a good sized ground floor kitchen and on the upper floor bedrooms and a bathroom. This annexe used to be a temporary bedding down place for tin miners who had worked a late shift; the property being in the possession of a tin mine captain. Poldice Valley seen in the distance and with a chimney just visible, was a world centre of arsenic mining and production. Even today, 150 years later , nothing grows there and certainly no houses can be be built on the poisoned land. The life expectancy of the miners was horrendous! Not all Cornwall is romantic!!!


23 Mar 2012 35 77 492
Opera metro station wall mural, Madrid. I think in 'z' please.

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