'KEEP OUT'!! or 'STAY IN!!'. Either way, a worrying sight!

Unusual or different

Skye. September 1978. On the Cuillin Ridge

09 Jul 1978 20 34 599
Of course we did have ropes and safety equipment but I was obviously being stupid for the camera!

HFF everyone! (and one for Diane, perhaps)

19 Apr 2018 21 40 152
Chance shot as I crossed the M40 motorway (Madrid; not the London M40!) en route to a class today. I often have to walk a long way as classes are often at companies in industrial complexes which are great for access by road but not for access by public transport! Travel time is unpaid so I would begrudge all this walking were it not for the fact that I welcome the exercise. Needs good weather though!! Taken with my new mobile phone - Huawei Honor 6X, I think the camera is better than my old Moto E. I have yet to take it to the mountains of central Spain, let alone Cornwall!

Another view through this rock window

06 May 2012 37 42 198
As explained 3 months ago with its sister shot (here: www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/46164932/in/album/1042038) , this was above head height but I knew the view I wanted. It involved lots of jumping up with the camera held high! Only two shots worked out of very many attempts! Granite, Sierra de La Cabrera.

Asparagus Island with its shafts and adits from Sa…

17 Aug 2012 32 30 187
Porthcadjack. I used to like to eat my sandwiches from this location on top of the crest of Samphire Island. I think these were no more than exploratory mines, sunk more in hope than expectation. Nonetheless you have to admire the skill and the bravery! Access only by boat or from above; neither easy at all! Where you can see the orange lichen, such as under my foot at the top of Samphire Island, that would be granite. Much of the other rock is Devonian sandstone. Places such as this with a mish-mash of rock types might indicate mineral presence as well which is why the prospective miners had hopes. Much of the tin, copper etc is to found right on the edge of granite country.

Iberian Peninsula rock window!

13 Oct 2012 20 26 114
Sierra de La Cabrera granite. A 'map' rock window. On the horizon; to the left, the granite playground of La Pedriza, the distant central peak is El Bola del Mundo, visible from Madrid and thought by Madrid folk to be the highest mountain in the world, and just visible to the right is the bulk of Penalara, at 2,428 m (or just shy of 8,000 ft) the highest mountain in the Sierra de Guadarrama.

...Hmmmm... now let me see ... Yes, I'm sure the p…

02 Jun 2011 37 46 314
Photo taken in August 2012. I previously walked this stretch of coast path in the summer of 2010 and the path did indeed go straight across from this point! A massive land slip had occurred in those two years. Porthtowan and St Agnes Beacon can be seen.

HFF Everyone!

08 May 2018 32 41 183
I posted another shot from here 5 years ago. www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/44044182/in/album/1049422 The idea was that this Godforsaken area of desolate land would soon be re-developed, after all it is in the middle of one of the most exclusive business areas in Madrid. Ha! The only change I see is that graffiti has somewhat obscured the original fence colours! The spring flowers don't mind though!

By invitation only

23 May 2014 28 28 103
Dead tree and granite having a private party, Sierra de La Cabrera. Music provided by that popular beat combo; 'The Wind'.

Yours truly, having remembered his hat and sun cre…

15 May 2018 14 19 114
Accidental shadow! Granite and lichen too!

Mushroom Rock

15 May 2018 38 38 226
I was determined to find Mushroom Rock this time! I had just missed it on a few walks previously and I realised that I hadn't said hello to it for at least 5 years. Anyway mission accomplished, even if I had forgotten the amount of scrambling involved to get here!.

Room with a view (but bring your own bed).

15 May 2018 19 21 157
La Sierra de La Cabrera and granite par excellence! View looking the other way; www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/46714942

Up close and personal with Mushroom Rock

15 May 2018 28 36 246
As mushrooms go, even rocky ones, it really is quite a size! Sierra de La Cabrera, Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid Province, www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/46707160 I have been so far behind that I didn't realise last Sunday's TSC was rocks, boulders, etc. Right up my street; not that I've ever joined in the fun but this one will do, albeit a week late!

Train leaving the station

14 Mar 2012 11 11 88
Mar de Cristal metro station, Lines 4 and 8, Madrid

Happy Accident

20 Apr 2012 13 16 84
Not sure what happened here. It started life as an accident and I tinkered with it for a while; apart from that I remember nothing!

The Four Towers in one.

12 Mar 2013 27 31 126
Torre Espacio. In its windows are reflected the other three. Left to right, Torre KPMG (twice), Torre PWC and (just about) Torre Cepsa. The British Embassy is situated at the top of this one.

If you jumped over this rock you would fall a very…

03 Mar 2012 15 13 116
Bonsai juniper growing in it's own little granite basin. El Cancho de La Bola, Sierra de La Cabrera

More strange granitic shenanigans!

21 Sep 2012 21 19 137
These shallow hollows are everywhere in La Sierra de La Cabrera. The eastern end, looking towards El Pico de La Miel and the Embalse de El Atazar.

Rock window.

03 Mar 2012 20 19 139
A long way down; the view from the top of the ridge of La Sierra de La Cabrera, through this rock window, to the town of La Cabrera below

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