'KEEP OUT'!! or 'STAY IN!!'. Either way, a worrying sight!

Unusual or different

My favourite picnic table

19 Aug 2015 20 20 342
It's been a little while since my table made an appearance and I make no excuses for showing another shot of it! La Sierra de La Cabrera granite.

Merry Christmas to all my ipernity friends and hav…

19 Dec 2017 57 77 527
The Christmas lights this year on Calle de Alcala, Madrid, Spain

Wheal Coates Tin Mine

03 Aug 2012 23 28 356
Abandoned in the late 19th century, it was active only for a few decades, with varying degrees of success.

Happy Accident.

12 Jan 2013 16 29 309
I can't now remember how this came about but I liked it and tarted it up a bit in editing.

Wing edge and sunset, courtesy of Ryan Air

13 Sep 2012 32 37 436
Somewhere over the Bay of Biscay

A long way down!! II

24 Jul 2012 12 12 250
I think I leant out even further from the edge for this one!!! Not for the vertiginous! Even so, full screen works best!

Casa de Campo and North-western Madrid from the te…

10 Jun 2016 10 8 173
I enjoyed my few trips on the teleferico in the past couple of years.

Mushroom Rock (from the other side)

08 Jun 2012 21 23 266
Still mushroom in shape but not quite as mushroomy as seen from the other side and in some previous photos uploaded here. Sierra de La Cabrera, Madrid Province.

Madrid from the teleferico.

10 Jun 2016 9 7 222
Passing over the Casa de Campo. An empty cabin passing the other way. I teach, or have taught, Business English at the top of all the tall buildings on the skyline.

A long way down!! III - Right Angle

09 Jul 2012 41 55 395
A very enjoyable corner crack climb which I did back in 1978. Right Angle is a famous climb at a modest HS E4 grade but that was near my upper limit and this was the best climb I had done at that time. What you see here is only the final third of the climb. The first two thirds comprise an interesting long traverse downwards to the foot of the crack. Gurnard's Head, Zennor, Cornwall


22 Aug 2016 16 25 334
Moggaraz is a very pleasant (and touristy) town in the Sierra de Francia, Salamanca Province. All of Its 300 odd inhabitants in 1967 agreed to have their photos taken and large-scale paintings were taken from those photos and placed on the walls of their homes, some years later. Whether you find this strange or superb, it it is certainly different! Whoever pitched this concept to these naturally conservative and cautious country folk must have been a sales genius!

Granite can do this!

06 Aug 2012 47 62 309
Trereen Dinas South, Porthcurno area

Lizard Rock, or any other suggestions for a name…

31 Mar 2012 19 30 364
Granite forms just below El Cancho Largo, La Sierra de La Cabrera. Just seen in the far distance, Penalara - the highest summit in the Sierra de Guadarrama

La Cabrera wildflowers and richly textured granite…

28 May 2011 34 42 627
Please enlarge to see the granite detail.

Bedrock! Eternal love.

28 Jan 2012 43 48 385
Two more rocks in eternal love! www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/45971390/in/album/1040438 Trying to work out which one is the male! Sierra de La Cabrera.


06 Aug 2012 51 55 328
Situated between Porthcurno and Land's End, a tiny fishing hamlet and beach.

Rising above the fog

10 Dec 2011 20 20 276
Las Agujas de Cancho Gordo, La Sierra de La Cabrera. Madrid is down there, under a thick blanket of fog,

Madrid sky

22 Oct 2013 24 31 345
Like an oil painting.

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