'KEEP OUT'!! or 'STAY IN!!'. Either way, a worrying sight!

Unusual or different

Happy Fence Friday!!! PLEASE STAY, DON'T RUN AWAY!…

19 Apr 2014 33 51 556
Taken in Spring 2014, please ignore the exif date - always wrong in this camera and no one has been able to fix it! This is an area due for complete redevelopment. It lies between the Four Towers and Chamartin Station and has been an eyesore since the beginning of the recession (except for a few weeks in Spring!). I did have to remove a few beer cans and empty cigarette packets first!


20 Dec 2013 62 103 1147
Plaza Chueca, Madrid. Christmas lights in the rain.

My final comment on what Google did to Panoramio!

09 Nov 2012 35 94 821
My girlfriend is never to see this (although she ought to be secretly proud of it!)!!! Hoyo de Manzanares, November 2012.

HFF!!! Rhodochiton in my mother's garden

18 Jul 2012 73 124 1248
Garden in St Day, Cornwall

Madrid, Plaza Isobel II, very good buskers

04 Jan 2012 24 37 447
This lot were superb! Even I felt moved to give a little something!

Madrid street art. 'Siesta' by Sam3

05 Feb 2013 34 43 565
Without my notes to this shot, stolen unexpectedly by Google, I'm afraid I no longer have the details of the artist and related info. Very sorry and not a little bit annoyed! UPDATE on 11/04/18: Thanks to ipernity member, Jim Kerslake, I can now name the artist and the piece: "Siesta" by Sam3 - www.sam3.es/painting.html Many thanks, Jim!

Hospital Infanta Sofia metro station

14 Jun 2013 18 26 336
Escalators at the metro station. June 2013

Mar de Cristal metro station, Hortaleza, Madrid

05 Mar 2012 10 13 342
March 2012. A bit of fun.

Chun Quoit

20 Jul 2012 48 80 706
Chun Quoit (quoit = Cornish for dolmen). Although small, it is the best preserved quoit in Cornwall. All the others have dislodged capstones or some other disturbance. These are presumed to be burial chambers but no burial remains have ever been found. They were all originally buried under a mound of stones and earth but erosion in the harsh environment of West Penwith and the action of tomb robbers has meant that you can see the vestiges of the mound only at one quoit; here, at Chun. Estimated to be approx. 6,000 years old. Sited in Morvah parish, West Penwith, Cornwall. Misspelt Quiot on Google maps! Photo; July 20, 2012.

My picnic table

10 Dec 2011 22 33 442
Sierra de La Cabrera on a foggy December day in 2011. Granite shapes.

Las Agujas de El Cancho Gordo

03 Jul 2011 41 59 542
Sierra de La Cabrera. Granite. July 2011

Chamberi Metro Station. De-commissioned in May 196…

16 Mar 2014 25 36 469
A well-preserved metro station, one of the first built in Madrid (1919) on Linea 1 and de-commissioned in 1966 as it was on a bend and the new longer trains couldn't handle that. Now a museum with free entry, so full marks to those responsible! The museum opened in 2008 but closed soon after as part of economy saving efforts in the recession. It re-opened in 2013. Gal was a well known cosmetics company with it's headquarters and factory in this Madrid district of Chamberi.

Sierra de La Cabrera, rocking stone

22 Apr 2012 33 56 617
About the size of an elephant.

Chamartin Station and the Four Towers, Madrid

Dawn, Hortaleza, Madrid

03 Jan 2013 28 44 487
From my balcony one morning in 2013.

Hoyo de Manzanares, rainy night

Hoyo de Manzanares. A rainy night.

09 Nov 2012 55 87 886
A favourite of mine. The first time I went out with my girlfriend, seen here waiting for the rain to stop!

Mogarraz, Salamanca Province, Sierra de Francia

20 Aug 2016 7 12 342
All 388 residents were photographed in 1967. Some years later, permission was granted to paint portraits from the photo album and adorn the houses where they lived!

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