Steve Paxton's photos

  • Kambara

    A painting my father requested from "The Old Tokaido Road" By Hiroshige and oil on canvas. done in my high school years was one of my fav as well did a few from this stunning series of painting. 36937

  • Quenda

    On our walk around Bibra lake a broken tailed brown bandicoot. dicoot

  • Musk Duck

    Out in the middle of the lake.

  • Red wattle bird

    for one of the very first times the bird has come to me rather than fly away.

  • Kookaburra

    Sitting very high up, in the tree warming up.

  • Mother and child Reunion

    mother and child Reunited after a night of baby sitting by grand ma And a morning of great Grand ma. very touching moment when they get back together.

  • Mirror On the Sky

    Winter gives a pond. my wife came with me while i lay on the rock to get the shots, enjoyed the cold the still and all the frogs calling...

  • Venetian Door

    Enjoy Kodak ASA 100 50mm @ F5.6 Olympus OM-2N

  • "Fred"

    Enjoy Kodak ASA 100 50mm @ F1.8 Olympus OM-2N A painting ( water colour on cardboard) I did way back in the early 70's for a family friend who always did every thing back to front. He still has it! enjoy a touch of tongue in cheek.

  • Borya constricta Churchill : flower stem

    if you look to the right you can see that there is a flower stem starting to show.

  • Borya constricta Churchill

    The plant and a seeding in front in the moss. note how the moss has changed in winter. note the plant is like a palm and its very spiky.

  • Drosera : open out large after reading below.

    Coming up in the middle of the plate in all the Borya constricta Churchill there are two Drosera (sun dew plants carnivorous). look at the left hand side plant has a fly that fly about the moss. these plant are living in nitrogen poor soil this is how the…

  • Gates of Paradise 1982

    Enjoy Kodak ASA 100 50mm @ F1.8 Olympus OM-2N e missing panel radise-joseph-east-door-panel-on-florenc e-baptistery-in-florence-italy The door was dismantled in 1943…

  • York court house

    Welcome to the house of pain its quite over bearing once inside. rthouse_Complex,_York.html

  • MSC new door

    Contrast the old door in the PIP to the new.

  • MSC original door

    Contrast the new door PIP

  • Borya constricta Churchill

    Winter cloths and new plants coming up There is even a new flower starting to develop. compare to the PIP's you can see the winter colour of being out of hibernation.

  • St Stephens

    Street light to the right is the huge light source in the shot but LLL lit the back of the church Mars just below the left side of the bow.

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