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  • Melaleuca cuticularis

    Bonsai Society of Western Australia exhibition. ris 14" high.

  • Melaleuca cuticularis

    Bonsai Society of Western Australia exhibition. ris This plant is 4'5" -5' high

  • NZ Manuka

    Bonsai Society of Western Australia exhibition. rium The one plant you just dont touch does not like its roots pruned . He showed three but would not give any thing away.

  • Adenanthos sericeus

    Bonsai Society of Western Australia exhibition. s This grows huge you are looking at 1'

  • Sunrise colour- yeah right

    Nothing but clouds as far as you can see........

  • Its goodbye from Me and goodbye from HIM.

    The two Ronnies sign out.

  • Family

    The group tried to get a photo but could not, after a early morning shoot they stood together when I got back to the motel.

  • Bring The Boys Back Home

    Rodger Water - The Wall Live Tour 2012 enjoy the sounds Pushing a camera to its limits.

  • Chinamans point fences - HFF

    Cloud free forecast total cloud cover so I left my astro lens at home to save weight , so I had to use the 16-35mm F4 for a second time I am happy to say passed with flying colours. while I walked here( 15 min) from the motel to capture the Milky Way Bow…

  • Looking to the west the River still flows.

    very high up on the tops looking down into the Murchison river as it twists and turns on its way to the sea.

  • Elementery

    For those that have followed the trip to Kalbarri will have seen a strange landscape all in layers from the sea to the top of natures window. for those with a bit of geological knowledge here is the reason. Sedimentary is laid down by water look at what…

  • Patterns in the sandstone- Close up

    A big part of this area is the colours and the patterns in the stones.

  • Natures window

    I learned that cultures need patience I stood for 10 min while a Chinese lady checked her shot of her selfie on her phone and then sent it to the net for all her friends to see..................................... .............. IN THE WINDOW.

  • Crag looking due East

    The Murchison river with some water in it and our very heavy cloud.

  • River bed Natures window.

    The look of an idyllic spot but its a huge climb down and back to the car. I have always wanted to walk to the bottom but not enough time as you would do this as a day trip. plenty of water, hat sunscreen, long shirt and plenty of energy round trip 21/2 h…

  • Cool Steps

  • Z Bend East close up

    A close up of the River floor well below me to the east.

  • Z bend West close up

    Close up of the cliffs that make up the Z Bend very unfriendly.

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