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The view From Mount Melville Lookout Tower

21 Sep 2020 8 9 24
You can clearly see the time was limited the rain on the right was only minuets away. This is a Huge view some 270 degrees of view.

In A Galaxy Far Far Away

23 Sep 2020 27 50 83
This is the night it all came true it was a trial under the moon. the computer program all worked so I just let it run. I was after NGC 300 is a spiral galaxy. It was off so just a star field but finally we have all the parts working perfectly. Next clear moon less night it will be the target. I cant wait for a black night no moon like this night. None the less there are a lot of very small Galaxies in this shot well past my lens limit of 600mm more 1500mm or better.

The Gap - Read below.

20 Sep 2020 9 11 45
The Gap is a cavern some 40 meters high to the viewing platform which was new to us so was keen to get out and see it. This is one of the few occasions I did not go see the place, the sea spray was heavier than the showers we where getting. I asked my brother in law to stop before the car park safely so I could try and take a few photos. the shots are between the windscreen wiper blades and the bus rocking in the strong winds. The cars and people getting out of the cars where totally drenched by the Sea spray from the huge waves. Just see if you can spot the horizion...... for the shot to make any sense look at the PIP the before the wave struck. I still have a working camera!

Storm passing by Frenchmans Bay

20 Sep 2020 15 16 65
The day was 100% punctuated by cold rain showers and very strong winds.

Canola Fields

18 Sep 2020 14 19 54
On the way down to Albany , @ 106km/H


17 Sep 2020 15 14 57
As I am going away for 4 days and the forecast is strong winds I thought best to get a photo before I left. I have left the tree to grow for 5 years its time to shape the branches rather than use wire I used sting pullies to place the branches in the right place. Sorry you miss out on the smell of the flowers so over powering. PIP is 2014

Eastern Skies

16 Sep 2020 22 30 90
Taken with a D3500 testing out its night ability Taken with my 14mm prime lens 21mm view point. If you look close on the left and end you can see the milky way and just above the city lights to the right you can make out Small Magellanic cloud.

Bonsai On Rock-Melaluca Incana Nana

14 Sep 2020 17 18 61
I saw the flowers start so did not prune back. Enjoy Has come a very long way.

Blasck Cockatoo

14 Sep 2020 11 14 52 I was out side try to make head or tail of plate Solving that does not work when this flock/group flew in. Using the 600mm lens the cut the flower off hold it in there foot and lick the flower stems much the same way we eat a sweet corn then throw the flower away the ground is littered with them

Close up of Milky Way

13 Sep 2020 11 6 52
This is in the area of Scorpio's tail. The Nebula at the top Right Is The Lobster NGC 6357 yet to be taken.

7 months

05 Sep 2020 23 41 85
This is almost the very same shot as I took 7 months ago when the fire first went through. the winter grass is doing ok no competition. The scrub at the back no new growth at all . Only the Grass trees and some of the bigger trees show any growth at all.

Cats Paw Nebula NGC 6334

13 Sep 2020 14 12 71
Taking from the computer what works and forgetting what does not work can I take a photo of the night sky on my own in the dark. At this stage I am waiting for my 120AH 12V battery so I can run the Laptop all night long. new moon next month I will be out on the farm. I only got 26 shots 5 min/Guided each 27th the house made it into the frame but very happy with the detail in the very small Nebula. From now On I will be adding the Astronomy number for each new deep space object So you can look it up as well if you wish. In the shot below you can just see the Cats Paw Nebula to the left in the Black part of the shot.

Shadows On the Wall.

25 Apr 2009 9 4 49
As the Sun rises so the shadows cast on the church wall.

Rainbow Lorikeet

06 Sep 2020 18 22 66
These trees are over our back fence and add to that its blowing very strongly. I dont think the bird could hear the camera all past attempts they have flown away.

Round two 1

05 Sep 2020 4 2 37
The Winter grass's showing in the foreground but all the trees both sides of the road show growth over the last 7 months despite all the rain..

Round two 2

05 Sep 2020 6 32
Water is Higher that last year and the slow recovery is there but "slow" over the 7 months.

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