[FR] Aide à renouveler ipernity ! ./.
[DE] Helft ipernity zu erneuern! ./.

Dear free user of ipernity,

The ipernity website you are currently using was developed between 2009 and 2013. Meanwhile it is ten years old in terms of concept and technology. After 2013, it has grown organically and now consists of more than 21,000 networked html files. Operational reliability is declining steadily. The necessary adaptations to the state of the art are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive.

It is therefore imperative to reprogram the website from scratch as soon as possible, using modern web technologies. Initially, this is not a matter of changing functionality or design, but above all of creating a modern technical basis so that the website can continue to be operated and further developed at reasonable cost. In view of increasing security requirements, our website must be completely SSL-encrypted as quickly as possible. It also needs to be better adapted to mobile devices as user habits change.

To be able to start this reprogramming, we need initial capital of 30,000 EUR. In order not to overburden the 1,300 paying club members, we would like to ask you - the "free" users of ipernity - for support today. You can do this in two ways:

1) You book an attractive 2-year "Basic" membership with 50% discount.

The newly introduced Basic membership is an offer for everyone who uses ipernity regularly but does not need the full range of services. At 23.90 EUR its annual cost is half that of a Standard membership. As a first-time booker (without ever having had a club account before), we will grant you a two-year basic membership at a price of 23.90 EUR. This 50% discount offer is valid until 15 May 2019.

Because this completely new subscription package could not yet be programmed into the website, we offer you to temporarily book a 6-month club membership for 23.90 EUR and we will credit you the additional 18 months. So you even get club status until the new subscription model is implemented in the ipernity software. (This offer only applies to accounts created before December 1, 2018.)

▷▷▷ Here you can book the 2 years "Basic" offer

2) You donate 10 EUR for your further "free" use.

This one-time donation ensures your continued "free" use of ipernity within the current scope of services for another two years.

▷ ▷ ▷ Click here to donate.

Please help us raise the start-up capital for the reprogramming of ipernity by participating in this campaign. It runs until May 15, 2019. For those who do not wish to accept any of these offers, please understand that after 15 August 2019 you will only have guest status with ipernity. As a guest, you will continue to be able to view all public ipernity content, browse image galleries, comment on images, read comments and blogs, and download approved content. However, your upload quota will be reduced, see details.

For more information, please also visit the ipernity team blog.