I can't think right now from sheer shock, so I will just give you the facts:

Today, I have a message (in German) in my inbox from a person, who claims to coordinate translations from English to German on Jens Soering's website. In that message, she asks me to remove the link to the petition form at VA-Governor Kaine's website, as Jens' lawyers, her and other close friends of Jens' find it detrimental to his cause that opponing views have been expressed here and over there. The last thing I want for Jens Soering is diminishing his chances for pardon and deportation to Germany, so I deactivated the link right away, but asked at the same time to get in direct touch with her (for one, so I can check on her authenticity and her alleged link to Jens Soering. For as described in update I, I haven't heard back from Ms. Marshall or his German lawyers. In another phone call with Mrs. Marshall as of yesterday I learnt that she hadn't been in touch with him and suggested to me again, I write him personally). The same person then also suggests, I remove the petition blog entirely, because controversial debate being expressed would not benefit Jens' cause.

I have refrained from deactivating the petition blog right away and as I said, asked that person to get in touch with me. I have also explained to her that I had tried to get consent of his lawyers frist, but to no avail. I must say, I'd find it terrible, if individuals who aren't open to a free exchange of differing views would yield as much as silencing those, who would like to help this guy. But then, in post-Bush America, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised about fundamental US-citizen rights being put to some test...

Update: The person getting in touch with me seems authentic. As I don't want to jeopardize Jens' chances of pardon due to "bad publicity" being conjured up on my blog, I deactivated all content for the time being, save the latest post explaining the reasons. I am in the process of writing a letter to Jens. It's a few mouse clicks to restore everything to what it was like before.