Where do the days GO ?????????

I have never ever understood "boredom". I dont have TIME to be bored !!!

I have flutterby pics to put up.... eventually ..... and today........

Well today............

Just finally had a very long overdue day out at the Lake. Have now downloaded the pics and have got 150 down to about 100... so far !! ...... but hoping for at least one decent one of the Bison who were by the fence. Its a small wild herd well contained within a very big area of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area .


I remember when they had their first baby about 5 years ago !! This day I saw 4 babies !! I had to shoot up sun most of the time.. so... we shall see.

It was a super day.... almost too hot but a breeze saved it... The Boys (my dogs !) had fun in the water and are crashed out now !

I know its not the glorious "wilderness" (yes.. I would rather be at "Jellystone" !!) but I never go in the heat of Summer... or when the kids are off school.. and on days like today I saw maybe 8 people all day...and they are people like me who will raise a hand in greeting at a distance.. and respect that folk want peace and space.

So.... I WILL get some pics up and I am trying first of all to look at and comment on my wonderful Friends pics here !

"Boredom"..... if you find some.... dont tell me where.. life is too short to be messing with it !!

*** Waves as she trundles out of the door ***