At 2.50 today we had a power cut just as I was about to start dinner.That plan was shelved and I decided to break the laptop out and have a toodle.I discovered the battery was run down.No big deal the Electricity board would be here at the sub power station in a few minutes anyway and I could start the dinner.
That turned out to be wishful thinking it was 4.15 before somebody finally turned up and we were back in action within 10 minutes,first job a cup of coffee.By now all thoughts of dinner had gone so I waited for Ellen to arrive to see if she wanted a pizza or chicken and bacon pie with peas.The choice was pizza.No cooking for me today then just heat and eat.
Zazzles thinks he has telekinetic powers.If he wants a door that is slightly ajar opened wide enough to get through he just sits staring at it,Sooty is much more down to earth he simply hooks it open with his paw.Luckily Sooty is psychic and if Zazzles is the other side of a door he senses it and will pull the door open for him,
Guess which one has the most success and guess which fool has to get up to see to the failed attempts? not a hard question was it