A sunny day again but a cold easterly breeze has set in.I had need to go to the post Office today and as our local branch has closed this meant a trip over the bridge.the nearest one is about 30 minutes walk away.I set off intending to walk but came across an old friend who was waiting for the bus so had a ride with him to catch upon the gossip. I walked back home but the breeze was really cold by then so it wasn't a morning for dawdling.
I didn't hear from Jenny yesterday she is no doubt slumped in a corner somewhere dribbling,exhausted from the heat and liberal quantities of Ouzo.Last message was they were having a great time.
Ellen is back to work today and as she is not sure what time she will finish I am going to make a cottage pie for dinner.That way if I get hungry before she comes home I can have mine and leave her's to reheat later.
Nothing else to report from here my back apart which is behaving itself very well after two days working in the garden so I'm off to prepare dinner and then it's an easy job of slamming it in the oven later.