Funny how a small thing can bring memories flooding back.This is a cricket bail the only remaining part of a beach cricket set we had many years ago.I found it in a box in the shed while I was clearing out.One cricket bail is not much cop,they are used in pairs to go on top of the stumps, for those who don't know cricket they are three wooden poles which the bowler attemps to hit.
We spent many a sunny day playing beach cricket on the sand when the kids were growing up and more kids wanted to join in of course so it was a social occasion.
I don't know how this one bail survived, it has been 30 years or since I last set eyes on it. The fate of the rest of the set is also a mystery most likely one of the kids will have traded it for something else when they got tired of hanging out with us oldies.neither of my kids showed any prowess for sport of any kind.Stephen changed when his kids came along of course and in turn took them playing beach cricket