After the early morning looked OK the rain and wind arrived and scuppered any plans of escape.Maybe tomorrow.
The cats have had a grand time racing in and out ,I have a door adjacent to the main front door. It leads out from my little workshop to an alcove
With the wind coming from the south west and this door facing east I can leave it open for the cats to have access to the kitchen and their food without causing a draught. The alcove provides shelter if they just want to watch the world go by.
They only came into the pits for refueling then off again.
At about 11 they both appeared, walked straight past me in Indian file,Sooty leading as always and off to bed,Sooty turned right on the landing to my room Zazzles left to Ellen's.
They had been running silly since around 5 when Ellen got up for work,or I think they will have that's the norm,I didn't stir until 6:30 with Zazzles for company,purring in my ear.
Sooty emerged from his 11 O'clock slumber at 2:30 had some food and climbed onto the settee to finish his sleep.Zazzles appeared at 10 minutes to four,demolished some food,had a wash and was off over the back wall to the green on an adventure.
Sooty finally stirred his stumps at half four had a feed and vanished out the front.It's a tough life being a cat.They will spend their time until bed paying visits to Jannine's for some ham,showing their faces here just to say hello then finally supper and they will toddle off to bed all ready to start again tomorrow

I did get some work done,I braved the rain and ripped up part of the shed floor to put in the bin.Slowly but surely the shed is being emptied.There is a good 8' long wooden shelf in there which I can use in my workshop if I clear a little wall space,but that's a job for later so I will stow it in the old coal bunker with the garden tools or now.
Later when the rain stopped and the wind dropped I went out to survey the damage properly ( I already reported the door)and found John doing the same.We exchanged gifts,he gave me my spare watering can and I returned 2 errant plant pots.I collected the other can and the plastic container I use for grass cuttings from the bottom of the garden and stored them in the doorless,windowless shed.
The little planter I made sustained no damage, with the ground being waterlogged the wind pulled the stakes out of the ground,a little tightening of a couple of screws was all that was needed, so all is shipshape and Bristol fashion again.