An early start in the garden for me today.We have a bright sunny day but there is a weather front moving in overnight bringing heavy rain and strong winds until Wednesday. With the grass already too long after recent rains today was the day to set about it. I started on the front at 8:30 and had it mowed and strimmed by 9:45. Nursing with my back along I took a break and demolished a bacon bun and coffee.10:15 I started on the larger of the two out the back,I mowed it then took break before tackling the smaller side. Allan appeared in his garden as I finished that section so it was an ideal time for a break and a natter,his wife Sue came out and joined in followed by their son Andrew,a pleasant half hour passed by before Allan decided to start work.It was gone midday by this time so I started on the strimming,doing it is three short bursts because strimming isn't kind to my back.
I had to have another short break before cleaning and storing the tools and sweeping the paths back and front.Job finally finished I had a chew and a brew filled the brier pipe and sat down to watch the soccer at 1:30.A good mornings work although it took a long time and my back is holding up with just the odd twinge.
Luckily today is no cook Saturday so I have all afternoon to rest up.I have a rugby match to watch at three so it's time to relax.

A big thanks to Max by the way she persevered yesterday and finally caught up with me on Skype.Friday night is rugby night on the goggle box so I was off line for a good while.We had a good old natter before I had to hang up and get ready for Jenny's phone call.I wonder if I can claim for a medal of some sort for listening to two females in rapid succession?
I am of to watch the rest of the footie then the rugby I will catch up later today.