A quiet afternoon and restful evening after my earlier exertions.
I watched a couple of matches a footie and a rugby and had a fish and chip dinner delivered piping hot from the chippy.
A no cooking no washing up day.I like cooking but a do like a day off as well.
This evening it was time to finish The Pickwick Papers by Dickens of course. I am going to read one of his short stories next The Haunted Man and The Ghost's Bargain. He wrote a host of short stories and while I have read all his novels not many of the short stories.
I have a cute photo of Sooty and Zazzles for you,they were sitting on the landing looking out of the window,not at the sun as you may think but at a pigeon outside on the window sill.When they first arrived here they would leap at the window bringing the net curtain down on top of them but soon tired of getting tangled up in it.Now they just sit and watch.