When I was growing up our diet hardly resembled the modern one.
We would have potatoes roasted in beef dripping,chips fried in lard and also eggs,bacon etc shallow fried in the same stuff.
Rice was something for making creamed puddings.We hadn't heard of curries,pasta or spaghetti.Pizzas were a long way in the future.
There were no such things as low fat foods the fat content would give modern nutritionists nightmares.
We had never heard of vegetarians or allergies to nuts or to anything else for that matter.
We were encouraged to eat eggs and drink lots of full cream milk because they were good for us,no low fat white water posing as milk back then. Cheese helped us grow strong bones and healthy teeth.
We were active and encouraged to "Get some sun into us before winter" not that we needed coaxing to be out in the fresh air,rainy days were a drag and seemed to be endless.

There were no computers, mobile phones,x boxes or i pads of course,not even TVs in the early years.We met friends in person and indoor games were monopoly,ludo,snakes and ladders etc.Boys had Meccano sets and cap guns girls dolls and prams and tiny tea sets.The girls used to dress up in their mothers clothes and plaster make up and lipstick on with a trowel.In a way it was the start of us being groomed for the lives we would lead as adults,this theme continued throughout our school lives and nobody thought it was strange.Boys were taught metalwork and woodwork the girls how to cook and sew because the chances were the boys would go to work in the giant shipbuilding and engineering works,the girls would get a job for a while then find a nice young man get married, settle down, set up home and raise a family.That was the tradition.

It was a different world back then and progress has filled our lives with wondrous things,electronic devices and machines have taken the daily grind out of tedious jobs but I wouldn't change my childhood for a modern one.
Part two tomorrow if you don't behave.