Sooty's little friend Louiz who he visits everyday is a special needs child as you most likely know. Liam is his elder brother by 14 or 15 years and spent countless hours teaching his little brother to read and it paid off Louiz is a very good reader now.

Well there is a charity that paid for a holiday for them at Disney World in Blackpool a while ago but Liam couldn't go.He is in drama school and was playing one of the leading roles in a stage production in Edinburgh.
He has been thinking of ways to help the charity a little since his return and has come up with a sponsored 160ft bungy jump. Yes he is slightly crazy. It takes place on the 30th of the month.What a star.I gave him £5 I only wish I could afford more but being on a pension in this country is almost bread line stuff
In a little break in the rain today I spotted a bee on the Buddleia clinging on in a strong wind so I took a couple of snaps,in one you can see one of his legs is not anchored.