Patchy sunshine this morning but a promise of heavy showers some prolonged later.
This meant I was on jankers cutting and strimming the grass. The heavy rain of a few days ago has given it a real spurt of growth
I eased my way into the job starting with the easier front which being on an incline was drier.A rest and a coffee followed and a set myself for the big one.
It was damp edging towards wet but I ploughed on cutting one side then resting then the other.The plan was to grab some lunch at that point and have a rest but the skies darkened and black clouds began to roll in so I decided to plod on with the strimming my back was getting a little bad tempered by then and strimming knocks lumps off me so I had a long break before cleaning and storing the tools.A job good to be this side of instead of at the beginning.
Of course when I had finished rushing to get it done the clouds rolled away and the sun came out,that's sods law for you.

I discovered something about the buddleia bush last night. You will know it is commonly known as the Butterfly bush well you can add moths to that. I noticed to cats looking at the bush with great interest and then moths started to fly off it. Not just one or two but a host of them,so many I had to close the window to stop being invaded. I watched the cats in their futile attempts to catch these little fellas and it was funny,they kept it up for a good twenty minutes until the last of the moths had departed,then they came in exhausted and flopped down onto the floor.

Ellen is moving much more freely today and hitched a ride to town on the bus,more for a little exercise and to get out than actually needing anything. She should be fine to return to work by Monday.