A glorious day here today with the return of the sun and lower humidity,temps high 70s humidity down to mid 50s making it a grand day for strolling and lolling around in the garden.
The cats are doing their exhausted look again seeking shade where they can and Ellen has been practicing her limp and now she has it off to perfection,either than or the meds are working.

A lazy day on the cooking front, I haven't made anything yet and maybe it will turn into a pig out on what we can find day.Freezers and microwave ovens are useful when you are in a lazy mood. Although I love cooking so it doesn't happen too often a change is as good as a rest so the saying goes.

I get all my broadband,television and phone through BT with free wifi available wherever you are and they have struck a blow against Sky's monopoly of live sport on TV.
All BT broadband customers can get live footie,rugby,tennis and other sports with many more in the pipeline free of charge. A welcome change from the extortionate prices Sky charge for their packages. They also do a player and app so you can watch on your PC,laptop or android device. More power to your elbow BT.

News Flash
Zazzles had been away for over 3 hours late this afternoon when I discovered him on a walk around my garden.He was asleep in my neighbour John's garden,in a plant pot of all things