I have embraced the touch screen technology.
The little tablet I bought is a gem and once my fingers got used to jabbing the screen very simple to use and the 9" screen is a perfect size for an E book reader,download free. In fact there doesn't seem to be anything you can't get for nowt,I like that.
Transferring my address's,bookmarks etc over fom my PC was a click of a button.
The instructions are sparse and written by somebody with a poor grasp of English,this beauty was on the first page.
Avoid fall or Violent collision of the device,don't make the TFT display screen were violent tremor ,this could cause TFT display abnormal or damage.
It doesn't make sense yet we understand it.
The list goes on,every page has a few things that made me chuckle. Still once that hurdle was over the rest was plain sailing,on line Tv works perfectly as does the e mails and the rest. only Skype to try now.
All in all a real bargain and easy to transport with or without the plug in keyboard. There is an onscreen keyboard if I just want to take the device. I have to thank Jenny for talking me into buying this although I took no persuading once I saw the price.

Computers are like Old Testament Gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
Joseph Campbell

The sun has finally broken the cloud cover and it is heating up in the garden,time to see if there are any baddies to kill in the borders.
Catch you soon.