Another hot day here,this afternoon it got really skin leakingly muggy. I did no work after the tidy up this morning just lounged in the garden or in here reading mostly and watching the cats make a mess again,Sooty has already brought a big twig back to replace one I threw away,he is so thoughtful.
This is a poppy that burst into life this morning,when I got up it was still in bud but later I noticed this bloom a little beauty I think.
I Googled it to find details and they are very sparse all I got was.
Purple Poppy: English Poppy of unknown species. Not an opium poppy as someone on that site had suggested.
It has seeded at the bottom of the garden and around three was in the shade and closed up again.

These are My neighbour John's roses,or at least some of them,a lovely strong scented variety.