A trip to the doctor for my regular check up today brought good news, all is fine and dandy and I don't have to go back unless something drops off.He told me considering the drastic change in lifestyle bringing added stress,Sooty and his terrible injury,Zazzles nearly hung in the bush, the cat fights with intruders and the bird kills not to mention having Ellen crowding my small house I have adapted well. The one downer is he won't drop the strength of my medication back down to it's previous level,which we were both hoping for. I can go back in twelve months for another check up but he doesn't see it happening until I have my life back. So I returned home with the same magic smarties and instructions to check my b.p weekly. I am thankful he sorted me out so quickly and now I have to just get on with it.I have survived much worse and pulled through as we all have at some time or other.So life goes on in it's present form.Time for a brew,catch you later