Another fine day so it is grass cutting day. I did the front and that was all finished by 10. This afternoon I have the two back patches to mow and strim and as it it is not too long ago since I trimmed it last a nice simple job,it just takes time of which I have in spades.

I have made modifications to the bird feeder now I have it operating.The cage with the fat balls was only hanging halfway over the scrap tray which meant a lot of bits were ending up on the grass tempting the birds down. Even with these inept cats that is not good. So I bent the handle on the feeder and moved the tray up a little so they are a pair. The long stand on the feeder is not really made for island winds so I have strengthened the lower two sections with two copper pipes half buried into the soil and bound them all together with tie wraps. I will just remove the top section if the winds get too strong but if a sudden storm happens in the night all should be well.The dark copper and black tie wraps don't stand out against the black pole and look OK and of course the copper will age and turn a lovley shade of bluish-green with the verdigris.

Quote of the day
A cucumber should be well sliced, and dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out as good for nothing.