I thought I would have no blog today the last blog on a dumb cat and the garden only produced 2 views so they are dropped a subjects and it was just just the normal Sunday walk over town for a little shopping.
However today turned out a little differently, with a Sunday streeet market. The stalls were just starting to get busy when I passed and there were folk heading towards a marquee where a TV chef was giving demonstrations. I headed for the bus home just as the town was filling up. I told the driver I was lucky to be heading the other way. He chuckled and pointed to a gang of mothers with pushchairs and children of various sizes heading straight for us. Of course it is Sunday and a beautiful day so where better to take the little brats,sorry angels but for a free day on the beach,oh lucky me. By the time we got to the island the bus was packed with kids some having fun, some fighting, some crying and amongst this mayhem sat the mothers completely calm,that surely is a gift.
Home at last to peace and quiet and a nice brew and a chew

Here is a photo of a kite a photo of a kite I took yesterday. It was flying on the beach about 800 yards away from where I was sat in my garden so it took a x40 zoom and a very steady hand to get even this average shot.To add to the excitement I made a banner of it for my top page.It's all too much I need a lay down.

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