Hooray Jenny has returned to us
.As for me wall to wall sunshine again and an afternoon in the garden mostly chatting to neighbours until Ellen came home after a long day. She is over half way through a 12 day unbroken stint finishing Friday.She worked 5:30 until 3:50 today so she was away at 5 home at 4:30, a long day to be stuck inside when the sun is splitting the pavements
When she had her uniform for work tomorrow washed and hung out she lowered my ears and I feel light headed now.
A no cook day here just pigging out when we feel hungry,it's fun just tickling your taste buds with what you fancy,not healthy but we don't care.
I had a visit off my son Stephen this afternoon,he was returning from a stroll and popped in for half an hour before he was off for his tea,he only lives a couple of 100 yards away so meeting up is simple. His kids are also working long hours today so only him to bother about,a chinese takeaway was his choice double portions of course he takes a lot of filling.
The plan for the evening after a briar sat in the sun is a little time spent on here until it's time for a beer and Jenny's phone call.
Ellen is away for a shower soon then to her room to check F/B and watch back to back soaps,maybe at the same time.
Zazzles is sleeping and I have no idea if Sooty is in or out, I only know where he cats are when they are feeding
Thus another day in the jet setting life style of yours truly has almost run it's course.

Quote of the day
A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice.
Bill Cosby