After my wet wake up call off Sooty and as I watched the birds at breakfast I decided to make a start on the jungle that passes as a garden. So after an early lunch I made a start. I raked and scoured the old dead stuff from the border and wildflower patch and found a couple of likely looking plants had survived. The Sweet William which did so well last year looks good and a plant I don't know has popped up. A bright yellow and orange Daffodil has appeared amongst my pale almost white ones making a nice contrast. There are 5 or 6 more ready to open.

That job done it was time for a break and a coffee after which I dragged the mower out and gave the grass it's first cut. It was hard going and now my back is complaining as usual but well worth the effort. I decided against tidying the edges that will wait for another day. All in all a good few hours work next thing is a radox bath with Bach playing in the background. Catch you soon.