I awoke to a strange rumbling buzzing sound and the sensation of having my nose exfoliated. I opened my eyed and my gaze was met by a pair of deep green feline eyes staring back at me from a couple of inches away. Sooty had decided it was time for me to get up and was giving me a wash. I looked at the time 6:30 a nice time to be up on a still warmish morning so I clambered out of bed and off to the bathroom. Luckily I wake up fully awake if you know what I mean.Sooty wasn't going anywhere just yet and waited until I came downstairs. Happy all was in order he wandered off over the garden wall and headed for the trees.Why he needed me to be up I don't know the garden door was on the safety chain he could have gone anytime he felt like it. As I went to fill the kettle Zazzles appeared from the garden meowed wound himself around my legs a couple of times and went to bed. Obviously he had finished his shift and it's Sooty's turn,I expect this pattern to be repeated throughout the day.

All is peaceful now,I have the bird feeders stocked up and the garden birds arriving for breakfast,watching them is a better way to start the day than being covered in cat spit

Fact of the day

The 4.5 million ties bought each year in America for Father's Day would stretch from New York to Rome.