We had our first frost free night for a while but the wind is a bitterly cold North Easterly. I was off to Iceland this morning and the wind made sure it was a brisk walk not a stroll. the total bill came to £41:75 but thanks to offers from the chilled shelves it was down to £32:85 a saving of £8:90 which is not to be sniffed at. Offers in the chilled goods were. Chicken thighs,frying steak,pork chops and prime minced beef all at half price.

Happy with my shopping I booked my order to be delivered at 1:00 and wandered home again. There was nothing exciting to photograph although I did see some daffodils in the little park. They stretch along a banking for roughly 50yards with trees and shrubs mixed in and very pretty they are.

Home again and all is calm. Zazzles was out when I left he is now in bed,Sooty was asleep when I left he is now out.This will carry on until grub time when the will both appear like magic.
Time for a coffee methinks.

Fact of the day
'Mutterkuchen', the German word for placenta literally means 'mother cake'.