Today has been another glorious day - I really do hope this isn't the only summer we'll have this year. Last year we were thrilled to get sunshine in March, but that was the only summer we got - in MARCH!!!

So I thought I'd better get the lawn mower out to tackle the top lawn. I have to take a plastic garden chair out with me when I cut the grass - and no doubt this would be a great video if someone were to catch me cutting the grass whilst sitting down on the chair!!! At least the grass is cut and my back isn't complaining too much.

I then went into my neighbour's garden to take some picture of their apple blossom - absolutely fantastic.

She's got some apples trained to grow against the fence and the size of these when they grow into apples - are amazing............

Then she's got the usual apple tree - this year the blossom is amazing - so hopefully the tree will have a good harvest.

I'm sorry if I keep posting pictures of the blossom here - but they are my favourite flowers.