First I have uploaded a song we wrote a longgggg time ago with a friend. At this time, we were young, we shine like the sun ;) and we used to play music in bands, and go to bars. There was a super bar where musician could play easely. In this bar there was a man, a character, Gérard. He was small and drunk almost of the time. But he was beautifull. He was from Pondycherry, India. Few years later he bacame a kind of friend. Today it have been something like six years that i haven't see him. I hope he's fine...
This song talks about him, Gérard..

Then, a video-clip, brand new, it was flimed this morning.
I wish you were here - see it large
Tell me what you think.

At the end, i have worked some pics taken at the Beaux-Arts session.
Those have been took with my argentic Minolta. They have been treated with my own technic called "numeric develloppement". Then i have worked on Photoshop to make this texture.
Tomorrow i'll go back to Beaux-Arts, I will try to the same stuff but all in the ancien way. I'll make you see.
Hope you'll enjoy.

What do you think ?

This is picture i have found on Ipernity and that i like.
Let know the poeple you like them work, they need to.
Thank for them.

Photgrapher, if you're here and don't want to, just tell me.
I will delete the link and picture.
No trouble.