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Encore un matin - Didier Varrot - Maia vidal

Chronique de Didier Varrot sur la sortie de God is my bike de Maia Vidal Mauvaise qualité

Come Back - Bonze

All right reserved. No copyleft. If you want to share, ask. :)

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Come back (demo version)

Copyright 2008 This is not a stock, there's no copyleft. All right reserved

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Gerard - Bonze

Très vielle chanson composé à la fin du 20eme siècle. Gérard existe (ou existait) je n'ai pas de nouvelle de lui depuis 2003

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Dream a little dream of me - Bonze

The blues version Just recorded this morning the 26th of Septembre alone in the living room.

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Need 2 see you tonight - Bonze

i've just found this track doing some cleaning. I don't know when i wrote it neither when i recorded it. It's not that good, but i think it's funny And there's some ideas i like.

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Dream a little dream of me - Beware of the cats

Cover of the mamas & the papas by Beware of the cats

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Jimmy - Beware of the cats

Cover Moriarty by Beware of the cats

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You aint the first - Bonze

Cover made of a song by The Guns and Roses upon a music by the Beatles

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Les petits hommes - PKN 907

The only composition i have ever made with a band. This song was played only four time, and recorded at the last time, something like ten years from now in the basement of my fathers house. The band was called PKN-907 and doesn't do that style of…

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