I build an obelisk from top to bottom

without foundation

I annul the gravity force with an equal and opposite creative energy.

I mould the shape without posthumous sense

nor cause and effect

meaning comes up with an undefined sketch prior from its dilution into the space

before becomes stone.

My work is the Stanley Kubrick's obelisk in "2001: a space odyssey"

jump each time closer to galaxy's centre

compunctious hope always far away.

I mould an obelisk in the space

with love

night unfolds its hair

stars fill up its eyes

breeze half-opens its mouth

moon illuminates its reborn face.

(to read the original Portuguese version please click on the picture)


I went to the movies to deceive myself

the illusion is good and seems reality

but it's a mistake's bit

taken from an argument

to sell the ticket

to whom already has overtime to dream.

In "VIOLA DELTA", Volume XLV, Mic Editors, 2008

(both texts illustrated by Fernando Grade)

(1st edition, 2008; 2nd edition, 2017)