Say 'Black & White" in the context of photography and you'll immediately be marshalling your views on the subject of endless debate. I used to be of the opinion that 'life is in colour, so why b&w?' I can say I have changed my view considerably to accommodate within my work a number of b&w shots with which I am very pleased. However, that it not why I am here today.

The photographs we produce today contain infinite variations of colour (or not) and composition and deserve to be viewed in optimum conditions. When Yahoo tried to murder Flickr, leaving the victim alive but permanently injured, it was wrong, very wrong, to impose upon users a black background. Although ideal for many images, it is equally wrong for at least as many others. Some simply have to be viewed on a light (white) background. That is one reason why ipernity is a haven. It takes only a glance to see the advantages of the white background. Other sites should clearly offer a choice and not impose a single solution.

It is also wrong to 'crowd' photographs on a page. Building on a post I read in French earlier today, I would liken this to a very poor hanging in a gallery. It is avoidable and intolerable. Pour deux raisons alors, vive ipernity!