I am not sorry that I moved to ipernity although, for the time being, it is only my second home. A city boy will always be initially uncomfortable living in the country and Flickr's London still has an allure not matched in every way by the Cotswolds of ipernity. Although Flickr has its nosy neighbours and even, occasionally, burglars, it has community too in a way that large populations strangely do. Intuitively, the country should be the friendlier, safer place but, in the ipernity village, even if you leave your back door open, few people will look inside or even knock to see if you are home. I have found a safe home for my photographs, a haven against the developers demolishing more of Flickr City but, for now, the storage space is more isolated barn than open house welcoming a steady trickle of passers-by and weary travellers. Perhaps I should put up a bigger sign or decorate more vividly but I'll probably wait a while. These days, it's only a matter of time before the fringes of the city arrive at the bottom of your garden.