As I get used to ipernity, it becomes easier to add content at the same time as I am using other sites but still creates quite a workload. However, one begins to notice the little quirks, lack of refinement which I think ipernity could improve without spoiling the site. When I type in keywords, I want them to appear in a particular order because there is a logic in that order which takes the viewer through the elements of the photograph. When I type in several during the upload preparation, they end up in a different order. On the map, I was puzzled when one of my red dots stayed on the number 10 even after locating more than that number of pictures. Eventually it changed to 20 but still does not accurately reflect the number of images associated with a location. This crude counter is surely unnecessary. I would like ipernity to refine the upload and whole UI without going down the route of the crazy display changes imposed on us by Flickr.