A couple of months have passed. I am happy enough with ipernity though mildly irritated by its minor quirks and, as it happens, still mostly happy with Flickr - until the next attack on its UI. Inevitably, ipernity has so far been used only for new uploads although the structure in place to add to albums from my massive library.

Why do I do it? Simply because it is my legacy. I shall leave little in this world when I die. I am no great artist but my chosen role is that of documentary photographer. I have experienced countless times the pleasure that the past in pictures brings to me and I want generations yet unborn to experience similar pleasure in their searches of the future. But I am not writing a book; only chapters of a much bigger book, one written by the photographers of the age. If there is to be a document of every present we can only contribute to it but, ultimately, not define the whole.

In that future, viewers will find my mistakes and laugh. They won't know how tired I was when I did some of this work, how I obsessed to try at least to be both comprehensive and accurate. I hope they will be more pleased with what they find than critical of the reflections of human frailty hidden in the content. For better or for worse, I offer you my work so that, when I am lost in the dust of the universe along with many of my subjects, you will be able to see what was.