November 15, 2012 was the day I accidently discovered flickr. I was visiting the Playstation Store on my much loved PsVita and saw a free app for flickr. Not having a clue what it was, and barely understanding what an app was (REALLY!) I downloaded it. Free is free afterall.

WOW! The BEST thing I ever downloaded! Until flickr I had only ever visited YouTube (another free app) and Playstation before. Had never used Google, Wikipedia etc (again, REALLY!) or anything else on the web. Although I quickly learned to use their actual site rather than the app to visit, I didn't have a computer to use to upload photos from my P&S, so the Vita was the only camera and the app was the only way to share my shots.

Times have changed. I discovered a love for photography I never knew I had and have since embraced a social network...something I never would have thought possible. Now because of all this I have upgraded to a DSLR, bought a laptop and gotten home internet. I have become a tech head LOL. Although I still use my PsVita for 95% of my web and ipernity usage (I find the laptop too unwieldly to use on the toilet) I no longer have to use it to take photos or upload. Thank God, whispers my old flickr contacts.

Now that I am on ipernity exclusively and enjoying it immensely I thought it was time to change my screen name. When I first joined flickr EVERY possible way to use Jim in my screen name was taken...even Jim1961...hence my initials and birthdate. I always felt sorry for first time visitors not having a clue what my name was or wondering who this WJB person was leaving comments. I decided to keep my old moniker when I came here so that anyone from flickr could find me, but I think that anyone who was going to come has already, so now by using my name maybe people who really know me may find me...don't know if that is a good thing or not. LOL.

So in closing I wish to thank flickr for introducing me to a new and wonderful experience. My time there was so much fun and I still miss it sometimes, but ipernity is my new home and all you out there my new family. Looking forward to many more years sharing our shots. Hope the name change doesn't come as a shock.