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  • Three's Company

    +1 note. Little cuddle monsters. Uncropped.

  • Hate to meet the bird responsible for this.

    Have to admit that I just don't appreciate most modern sculpture art.

  • Long live the Monarch!

    First time in two years that I've seen a butterfly, so was excited to spot three flitting about at Bluffer's Park. I now have a new found appreciation for those of you who shoot lots of butterflies... www.ipernity.com/doc/pamj ...these guys are fast! Thin…

  • Duck!

    Saw this fella almost decapitate himself on the wire as he landed. Nearsighted perhaps?

  • 'Peek-A-Boo!'

    +3 notes. Saw this critter across the water and patiently waited for it to swim closer. Unfortunately s/he swam under the dock I was on and hid amongst the rocks of the pier. This and the ones in the notes are uncropped...wish s/he hadn't been so scared…

  • Huh?!

    Give a guess what this medical tool is before looking below for the answer. Margaret had to have some tests done and the hospital had a medical museum in the lobby. Some really interesting doodads and gadgets from eons ago. It's a wonder anyone ever got…

  • And babies make four...or five.

    +3 notes (no flash, so poor quality). Guess the raccoon that has been living in my chimney was a girl. My neighbour called me to inform me that I had raccoon babies coming out of my chimney. He saw four, but I only spotted these two and a third atop th…

  • Ever get the feeling that you are being watched?

    The young ones have ventured outside the chimney finally, but still aren't quite sure-footed yet. This one was gamely trying to navigate its way down when s/he spotted me watching. Wish I could remember that my camera has video at times like this.

  • Having a snack.

    Enjoying a snack in my cat-free backyard.

  • The times are changing.

    I was stunned to see a bus load of Japanese tourists taking photos of the Monarch butterflies at Bluffers Park. Why? Not one of them had a DSLR or even a point and shoot camera...only phones and tablets of various designs. Whatever happened to tourists wi…

  • 'Egads!...Humans!'

    The little critter was a tad surprised to find me watching, but stuck around a long time before heading down my chimney to sleep the day away.

  • 'I luv you mommy!'

    Willow being unusually pliant and cuddly.

  • Meeting the Neighbours

    Can't tell who's more intriqued...Ripley or the critter. This little corner of the house is where the roof meets the chimney (the brick) and the raccoon has made a habit of resting here for a good 45 minutes to an hour every morning before climbing up in…

  • 'Wasn't us!'

    Patches (top) & Rambo taking a break from play-fighting on the tree. Shortly after this shot, the top post broke off at the base. Rambo has muscles!

  • Heading home...

    ...to my chimney! Taken from my balcony indoors, so unfortunately these are heavily cropped. Some cool uncropped ones to come.

  • Flying Free

    Just a few random gull shots. I love gulls!

  • Dejected

    +2 notes (she's so darn cute) Patches thoroughly put out. (Reason below)

  • NOT a squirrel!

    All four of my girls were looking out the window with rapt attention, so I grabbed my camera anticipating some awesome squirrel shots and found my neighbour. No, he's not dead.

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