He's a little shy and likes to hide behind the tv, but perhaps you can make him out...I think we will call him WiFi.

Yep, I have finally joined the 20th century (or 21st...I always mix that up) and got home internet. I got my first internet compatible computer (not counting my PsVita) this January. It's a laptop since I wanted something I could take with me to WiFi hotspots, but never got comfy with the idea of doing just that.

Without home internet I was severely limited in my online time...maybe 1 hour per day average and could never really get as involved with groups and contacts as I would have liked. Those that have gotten to know me know that I do spend a lot of time with my contacts and always try to catch up when I fall behind, but I have had a hard time meeting new contacts and establishing bonds due to my limited online time. Groups have always been a way for me to find new contacts via viewing their contributions, but I almost always interact with contacts on their stream and not on the group photos...again, lack of time and the inability to copy & paste group comment codes with my Vita (system of choice).

Hopefully I will now have unlimited online time (Margaret permitting) and can finally get more involved with groups and spend more time with my more recent contacts. I should add that I am presently sorting thru over 500 shots taken yesterday at the zoo, so it may take a couple of days to start my new ipernity experience. Groan...

Ain't this technology stuff cool! But I still REFUSE to get a cell phone.