without telling your loved ones that you love them. This was the title, or thereabouts, of an episode of a series; The Unit, I was watching a few years ago about military ops. The character in question had dashed off on a mission and forgot to tell his wife that he loved her. Needless to say, the op went south and he very nearly didn’t make it back home. He made it home in the end, and vowed to never leave home again without telling her that he loved her. It touched me, and I never leave without telling my son that I love him; no matter what the mood is, or the rush.

So, Sunday was E-Day and my ex and his newish wife are probably on a plane as I type. He popped over on Saturday with some ‘stuff’ and had a quick visit. He hugged our son and wished him well for his exams in January. After he’d left, I could have cried and believe me it was very close. It wasn’t what he’d said; it was what he didn’t say. He didn’t tell our son that he loved him. He didn’t tell our son that he’d miss him. What kind of father does that? Goodness knows when, or even if, we’ll ever see him again. My son has a day off today, training day, so that’s probably a good thing. Sunday he took himself off to the cinema to see a film, on his own. A very stressful and emotional weekend, thank goodness it’s done with now.

Sincerely hope your weekend was better than mine.